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Consumer Behavior

Buy custom Consumer Behavior essay

Buy custom Consumer Behavior essay

The buyers are invariant when it comes to the purchase of goods and services. The buyers make decision based on personal factors hence may not be more on the positive issues that affect the choice of goods. The buyer’s decision on purchase of good remains unchanged depending on the terms of purchase. The consumer theory helps us to identify these different techniques adopted by the customers. This helps us identify the techniques that make the buyers invariant towards purchase of goods and services.

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The first method is where the buyers purchase the routine goods consumed on daily basis. These goods include foodstuffs. They are a necessity and a consumer cannot do without them. This makes them to purchase the same quantity of goods despite the price. They thus remain invariant towards purchase of such goods. The buyer must purchase the goods despite their price, as one cannot do without food. The result is an increase in the total consumption.

The buyers are also invariant when it comes to purchase of ostentation goods. The buyers will buy these goods despite the price. The goods are usually expensive and many buyers buy these goods just to sow off. They are meant to distinguish one’s ego in the society. This makes it possible for the seller to realize huge profits since the buyers are also invariant why purchasing these goods. The buyer makes the final decision since he is invariant in this case. These goods may include expensive cars and clothes. They are for pride beyond comfort and luxury

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The other are of buyer’s invariant behavior is in the case of addictive goods. These goods are used by the buyers since he is addicted to them and cannot do without them. The result is that the buyer will consume the goods despite their price. The decision is based on the degree of addiction of the particular product. These goods include beer and cigars. Once addicted, the individuals finds it hard to quit hence must continue consuming them despite the price hence being terms as invariant. The price of these goods may still rise but the customer will purchase them due to addiction.

The social factors also affect the way in which consumers make decisions on what to buy. The consumers are expected to make decisions on what to purchase. These decisions differ depending on various factors. The factors are known to give aa consumer with clarity on what to purchase. The decision may base his decision on social factors. These are factors likely to influence the manner at which customers buy goods. The purchase of a certain good may differ depending on the social class of the individual. In some social cases, there are restrictions on what one can purchase. This leads to a complexity in decision-making since a consumer may be willing to take a certain product but the social factors may hinder him from doing so. These social factors may also include the culture and other beliefs. This has led to reduced chances of independency in decision making.

The situational factors are also known to influence the consumer behavior. The consumers are much willing to purchase goods that best fit their current position. These are factors related to the status of work place or level of education. In case one works at a high profile job, he is expected to consume expensive goods as compared to the one who works on a low paying job. This is the key determinant of what the consumer will purchase given the price is fixed depends on the situation that the consumer is stuck on. This will establish a better link for the customer to make a good decision.

Buy custom Consumer Behavior essay

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