Custom «Medicare Billing» Sample Essay

Custom «Medicare Billing» Sample Essay

Medicare billing requirements are important to understand, being that it is the largest healthcare payer in US. Since the Medicare guidelines and regulations have a lot of weight, a medical biller should stay informed of the charges to Medicare recompense rules. The guidelines help the biller to understand the ways in which claims can be submitted and make his/her choice. The first method of submission is electronic which has its advantages; it is faster and less administratively burdening. The other way is the submission of papers where the Medicare providers meet certain requirements to be in a position to submit the paper claims.

Medical billing helps one to have information about premiums, co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, and which insurance pays first in case one is covered by more than one insurance plan. This information is important to a person who is taking care of another to have a clear understanding for both to know how to handle Medicare billing.

The guidelines help to understand the periodic payment one makes for health or drug prescription coverage, which applies to one who chooses Medicare Part B, medical insurance, but not an obligation to one who chooses Medicare Part A - hospital insurance. A person should also remember about deductibles, the amount paid before an original Medicare. After this payment, one starts to pay an amount for services called the co-insurance.

Through these guidelines, a doctor or pharmacist dealing with a person having two or more health insurance plans is able to determine the health insurance that should cater for the bill first. The health insurances that pay first include the employer’s health plan coverage, liability insurance, or workers’ compensation.

The guidelines also inform one of his or her rights to appeal about any decision made concerning the Medicare services. In cases where one refutes an amount paid by the Medicare, or sees that a service is denied, the person has a right to appeal.

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