Custom «Position Paper» Sample Essay

Custom «Position Paper» Sample Essay

Health insurance in the US is a problematic issue because the state takes care only of the most vulnerable sections of the population, and it can hardly provide all of them with decent service. Doctors and insurance companies artificially inflate high prices for medical services. Ordinary citizens, fearing huge bills for medical services, buy their own insurance, while doctors, being aware of that, establish a high price for their services. As a result, healthy citizens with secondary or higher income who pay the insurance but do not go to the hospital, are in an unfavorable position. Meanwhile, economic crisis and rising unemployment cause urge more and more people to apply for the state insurance. Today, social insurance programs cover more than a third of the US population and are responsible for almost half of health care spending in the country (National Coalition of Health Care, n.d.) .The main problem is that state insurance covers mainly the vulnerable categories of the population who cannot afford to buy private insurance.

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Hardly in any other country, except the US, private medicine and private voluntary health insurance dominate to such an extent. For example, in all countries, even with the public health system, there are organizations and institutions engaged in voluntary private health insurance. Private health insuranc is paid by both the employer and by the citizen. Buying insurance is very expensive for an individual, while they cost much cheaper for the companies because the purchase of insurance policies occurs at a discounted price. However, and employee usually pays almost all insurance costs and company covers only a part of it. It should be borne in mind that after leaving the enterprise, all the consequences of the disease will be excluded from the new insurance that a person intends to acquire.

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However, the situation in public health insurance is gradually changing. Recently adopted laws oblige employers to include such types of medical care, as childbirth, drug treatment, and others. Government interventions are limited to the tax regulation and the establishment of legislation regulating basic principles: mandatory licenses for the doctor, their rights and duties, etc.

Attempts to approach the establishment of public health insurance for a long time were blocked by an active opposition from the American Medical Association. For example, despite the fact that the activities of two powerful insurance companies "Blue Shield" and "Blue Cross" were of national concern, they did not become a state-regulated insurance system. Only in 1966 the federal health insurance program "Medicare" began to cover people aged 65 years and older who quaalify for old age pension; the other program was designed for poor people cand was alled "Medicaid."

More than 90% of Americans require radical reform because of fear of losing their jobs and staying without health insurance from a serious illness. Currently, reform of health insurance system would mean introduction of elements of compulsory health insurance and restriction of medical services manufacturers actions (Rice, Unruh, & Rosenau, 2014) However, national unity on the issue of health care reform is not enough. The best possibility to modify the existing system is by obliging all companies to introduce a health insurance for all their workers in the case of illness. (Rice, Unruh, & Rosenau, 2014) Thus, companies would transfer a certain fee to the state insurance fund.  It would allow provision of health insurance for those people who are not supported by the private insurance system.

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Until now, the question of compulsory insurance contributions remain controversial: some argue these have to be percentage contribution from the salary, others say it should be a fixed payment. There are a few propositions: it can be in the form of tax, depending on the size of annual revenue, or that an employer would be obliged to guarantee insurance coverage for their employees (National Coalition of Health Care, n.d.).

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