Custom «Vanguard Health Systems» Sample Essay

Custom «Vanguard Health Systems» Sample Essay

Having a combination of hospitals and other types of medical facilities, Vanguard Health System is based in United States. Its centers are situated in five states including Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, Massachusetts and Texas. Vanguard Health System headquarters are located in Nashville, Tennessee and owns twenty six hospitals: ten Detroit Medical Center hospitals in Detroit, Michigan; four in Chicago area, five in San Antonio, Texas, four in Phoenix, Arizona. It is also in control of three additional hospitals through joint ventures, for 6,201 licensed beds. The company provides a range of outpatient and inpatient services in the communities it serves. The services, offered by the company’s general acute care and the specialty hospitals, are a variety of surgical and medical services, which include emergency services, internal medicine, general surgery, cardiology, obstetrics, neurology and orthopedics. In addition to this, it offers tertiary services such as advanced neurosurgery, open-heart surgery, level II and III neonatal intensive care and level 1 trauma, which is done at certain facilities. Some facilities provide off-campus and on-campus outpatient and ancillary services including physical therapy, outpatient surgery, radiation therapy, laboratory services and diagnostic imaging. Even though there are competitions within health care systems, Vanguard Health System stands out to be among the best. This is because of its readiness to serve its consumers by offering good services and addressing the issues pertaining to network growth, nurse recruitment and staffing, resource management, patients’ satisfaction and organization effectiveness (Kastor, 2004).

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Vanguard Health System in not just looking into current service provision but its anticipating to provide them in future. Many people wonder how this can be achieved but with the studies that have been done, Mr. Carty is putting in a lot of effort to improve the company. He is current VP, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Experience Officer. As the Chief Experience Officer, he is responsible for working with each region, department and hospital in order to create engaging experience to the families and patients they serve. He mostly works to advance the experience efort by driving consumers’ loyalties through the simple identification and scaling of evidence that is based on best design thinking, practices and data analysis (Kastor, 2004).

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Mr. Carty also executes the roles of Chief Marketing Officer and he is responsible for developing and executing Vanguard growth strategy. This strategy puts its focus mainly on supporting regional marketing and sales teams by standardizing the company’s growth platform, which includes Consumer Relationships Management, Scheduling and Physician Relationship Management. This helps to provide affordable and excellent services to citizens of the communities this company serves. The growth of the company contributes to the future of the company because when it offers excellent services, it leads in the competition with other health care companies. The growth strategies and practices are founded on principles of predictive models, which include risk management, data analysis, buying behaviors and health outcomes, communicating with each person in their preferred and best communication methodology and building better relationships between consumers and physicians (Hoover’s Company Records, 2013).

Predictive models help to reduce predicted risks especially when formulating a certain health care program. This helps in adaptation on other methods so that the predicted risks can be mitigated or helps in developing another new program that will not be affected by the predicted risks. Many consumers are drawn by good communication between physicians and patients. In this case, good communication ground does not only impress the consumer but also helps the consumer speak openly about his problems in a way that the physician is able to understand and offer amicable solutions to these problems. This in turn contributes to the growth of the company. Apart from this, communicating with consumers in their preferred way of communication helps the physician and the consumer to have a good relationship. Data analysis is also a good strategy in the growth of the company. For example, in the case if any diseases affect large population, physicians will be able to detect the problem and create effective solutions. They are also able to develop gender-disaggregatedd data or any data, which can lead to the research of possible causes of the problem hence searching for the remedy (Spear, 2005).

Culture is a dynamic phenomenon that keeps on changing the behavioral patterns of physicians and patients, which bring different outcomes. For example, HIV/AIDS is brought by cultural behavior especially unfaithfulness in marriage and many others. Vanguard Health Services has adopted the strategies of buying behaviors and health outcomes, and then creating solutions. All these strategies help keep Vanguard on alert and at the top in terms of providing quality and unique services. This presents a promising future and long-term benefits for the company. Other strategies include plans to build up its presence in targeted regions by expanding integrated care networks in existing core markets, and by establishing other new areas that carry attractive growth opportunities. Vanguard is also hoping to attract more customers by providing high quality health care, expanding its services and recruiting best doctors and nurses. This will contribute mostly in staffing all Vanguard Health Centers. It plans to add high-margin services in areas like orthopedics, and cardiology and increase the hospital ability to offer private rooms. It has also been expanding a hospitalist program, which is used to coordinate care between nurse staffs and specialist physicians. In the essence of resource management, Vanguard Health System is utilizing its financial resources, human skills, inventory, production resources and information technology to reach out to old, new and potential customers, also creating a network growth as well as improving their services to customers (Langabeer, 2007).

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In conclusion, Vanguard Health System has a promising future. This is demonstrated in its effort to create a conducive environment for the employees and consumers. In addition to this, their strategies to expand through creation of networks demonstrate its future. Lastly, the recruitment on new nurse staffs and physicians plays a major role in the growth of a company in terms of improving services and developing new and better ideas for the company. This results to effectiveness of the company, which in turn leads to patient satisfaction.

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