Custom «Abu Dhabi Investment Authority» Sample Essay

Custom «Abu Dhabi Investment Authority» Sample Essay

According to the IBP, Inc. (2015), the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) was established in 1976. The surplus received from oil exports serves as a financial support of the sovereign wealth fund. ADIA belongs to and is controlled by the government of Aby Dhabi. It is worth stating that the fund is a self-governing legal entity characterized by the capability to act in carrying out its functions and achieving set goals. ADIA is considered one of the largest wealth funds in the world, in general, and it is the largest fund in the UAE (IBP, Inc., 2015). The services offered by the firm cover the areas of public and private equity, fixed income, infrastructure, and savings in issues associated with real estate. The firm’s objective in matters associated with equity investments is to invest in stocks of small cap organizations. Therefore, the objective of the current paper is to enumerate and discuss in detail three sustainability pillars of ADIA, namely social, economic, and environmental pillars.

Social Pillar

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First, the social pillar of sustainability presupposes that as a wealth fund, ADIA should never ignore social disruptions that affect the well-being of the society and the environment by assisting through funding. Being helpful for those in need is an approach that the firm practices to ensure that with the help of investments, they will have a better future. The organization believes that it has a responsibility to take the initiative concerning matters associated with poverty, inequality, and social injustice. Thus, it is the reason it invests in different types of projects that are designed to assist the society in moving in a positive direction (Curzio et al., 2010). The funding of projects relating to employment undertaken by ADIA has led to an increased quality of life and a better lifestyle of the UAE population.

For significant results to be attained, ADIA undertakes the task of supporting projects that relate to the achievement of peace, social justice, as well as reducing the poverty level. The approach is made possible through motivating small firm to draft proposals that can be funded to generate better results in the future. Additionally, ADIA contributes to the socially sustainable development in matters such as recycling and effective utilization of landscaping and public transport through the acts of investment. ADIA offers education and training on sustainable practices for the people of all ages to ensure that its investment is utilized effectively for positive results (Curzio et al., 2010). Additionally, the wealth fund’s objective is to improve expertise and promote sustainable growth and living in future. Thus, social sustainability is an essential pillar practiced by ADIA because it seeks to generate significant results for the citizens and organizations in need of its support.

Economic Pillar

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In relation to the economic pillar of sustainability, ADIA seeks to encourage fair distribution and efficient allocation of resources to firms and organizations that are in need of funding (Lye, Savage, Chou, Yu, & Kua, 2014). The approach undertaken by the firm indicates that creating the sustainable society based on the growth is an aspect that it seeks to practice. Through considering the economic pillar of sustainability, the organization ensures that Abu Dhabi’s economic development maintains a healthy balance with the environment surrounding the society. The balance of the society, in this case, entails creating equal opportunities for those in need of funding as a way of generating positive results in the society that contribute to developed, sustainable Abu Dhabi. The investment made by the organization is undertaken with the objective of improving the quality of life and creating a better outcome for the future. The approach entails employing more individuals in ADIA as a way of supporting the needs of the society on an economic platform (Lye et al., 2014). The program also seeks to practice the contents of diversification of the economy to a more sustainable platform.

The diversification is initiated based on the perspective of funding all types of projects in the society to generate results that benefit the community as a whole. The investment is provided to all types of programs in Abu Dhabi in need of support as an indication of offering aid to achieve a prosperous future for the people of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, in general. The investment is also implemented based on increasing returns on investments for all projects initiated by both small and big firms (Curzio et al., 2010). Fundamentally, ADIA’s economic pillar of sustainability is significant because it tends to look out for the citizens and the economy as a whole.

Environmental Pillar

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The environmental pillar of sustainability utilized by ADIA presupposes that the atmosphere of the Earth needs to be protected from all aspects that can lead to negative results. The pillar encourages the Abu Dhabi citizens and related authorities to protect the environment. It sensitizes on the relevance of firms undertaking the task of taking care of their environment by practicing the contents of hygiene and health (Lye et al., 2014). Encouraging firms to consider the health of their workers has played a significant role in Abu Dhabi, basically due to the environmental pillar of sustainability. The community as a whole is also encouraged not to neglect acts that may generate negative results and lead to destruction.

The implication here is that the environmental pillar of sustainability supports initiatives like renewable energy, as well as the reduction of fossil fuel use and emission. Other projects that are practiced through the pillar by ADIA are organic farming, recycling, agriculture, fishing, and better waste management. Basically, by taking care of the environment, the organization contributes to the sustainable environmental development, making the life of every citizen in Abu Dhabi comfortable. The pillar also sensitizes on the relevance of creating a proactive response to climate change via the strategy of reduction of greenhouse emissions (Curzio et al., 2010). The process initiated by the environmental pillar of sustainability is an indication that the safety of the atmosphere is greatly practiced to generate a safe environment for the community involved.

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