Custom «Farewell Arabia» Sample Essay

Custom «Farewell Arabia» Sample Essay

The United Arab Emirates as presently known were founded by Zayid who put all efforts to develop the country in the dawn of urbanization. Zayid was torn in between the old ways of pastoralism in the desert and the new modern ways that brought healthcare, hospitals, and new infrastructure. He strived to strike a balance between two of them. Zayid, however, tried to integrate both ways of living in his kingdom as he considered the modern world as a future while, at the same time, he did not want to demolish the old world in just a single day. Zayid saw a modern world in the desert where everyone else saw the poverty that dwelt in the land. However, Zayid found then the opportunity of modernizing Arabia and using the oil resources from the mines to turn a once known ruin into the present day UAE. The vision of the United Arab Emirates that would work both in the present and the past would be to focus on the global economic shift and modernization while, at the same time, maintaining belief in religion and prosperity. This vision is appropriate as it fits into the gap of both the old and new Arabia.

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The ancient Arabia was built on traditions, poverty, religion, and pastoralism in the desert. The new Arabia introduces the dawn of the oil reservoirs which leads to more foreigners coming to Arabia in a bid to buy the oil. The interactions with foreigners helped the present-day United Arab Emirates become the first modern country in the Middle East. The economic drive would elevate the livelihoods of the residents of Arabia as modernization would mean more jobs and the development of infrastructure in Arabia. This means that a sporadic increase of the incomes is also imminent. A rise in earnings to the Arabian communities would lead to better sanitation, healthcare, and food for the comunity. The vision would also apply to the modern United Arab Emirates, as being a leader in global economics is a key to development and economic growth. Arabia, being the home of Islam, holds servants fully dedicated to Allah and, therefore, the spiritual aspect is essential to both the present day UAE and the formerly known Arabia. However, it is essential to note that without leaders like Zayid, who risked their all to see Arabia transform into the modern day UAE, visions are almost meaningless.

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There has been speculation of four directions in UAE visions 2021. They include the united in responsibility, united in destiny, united in knowledge, and united in prosperity. The united in destiny aim at achieving the same goal in future by upholding the legacy of their forefathers, securing and safeguarding the nation as well as enhancing international stand. Unity in responsibility aims at working to achieve a goal together by maintaining the family ties and building societal and Islamic values with deeply rooted heritage. The unity in knowledge is focused on the education perspective that will improve the knowledge as well as innovation among the emirates so as to face the future challenges courageously. To achieve this, the country needs to invest in human capital diversify as well as build sustainable economy. Eventually, unity in prosperity aims at putting UAE on the global economy where the nation will enjoy heathy and high quality living and improved recreation and public services. Moreover, through the vision of prosperity, there will be proper utilization of social and natural environment.

My favorite direction of the vision for the UAE is united in responsibility. The vision explains that the UAE would strive to ensure that the nation would be built on the confident aand responsible Emiratis, have confident families that are prosperous, vigorous and active communities, and also maintain a vibrant Islamic culture in the land. The video displays a strong feel of the vision as Zayid is a powerful community man who practices the art of giving what he has to the fellow community men as a sign of generosity. Zayid also ensures that Islam culture is firmly upheld as he advocates that people should be praying five times in a day despite their location or in the presence of a religious leader. Zayid sets a good example as he is also equal to other believers of the Islamic faith and, therefore, has no special treatment before Allah. Zayid as a leader shows the importance of culture as he occasionally visits the desert even after the dawn of the modern world. The desert visits are meant to remind him of a way of life which was well known to him before all the changes of civilization began. Zayid also stays focus and loyal to his community as everyone is accorded a moment to share his problems with the Sheikh on a specified day of the week. This act of humility shows that he cares about the well-being of his community just like the vision of responsibility focuses on achieving a well-interwoven society. The video also demonstrates the power of responsibility by drawing on the tight family as well as society ties with superb Islamic values that are built on well-founded heritage.

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In conclusion, the modern ways introduced by Zayid that replaced the old system in Arabia played the important role in the rapid country development. The global economic shift and deep religious views have become the key factors to revolutionizing Arabia. To obtain such result, Zayid used four directions, among which united in responsibility shows that he cares a lot about the well-being of his community.

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