Custom «My Personal Learning Network» Sample Essay

Custom «My Personal Learning Network» Sample Essay

Many people underestimate the importance of personal learning networks (PLNs). While they are similar to social networks, where people communicate and exchange ideas, they also perform an important function of knowledge and experience exchange, which is critical to people of all professions. PLNs make it possible to create a unique environment in which a user can communicate with others and learn, at the same time. The current paper presents information that could be used in my PLN, as well as people and groups I consider important for my professional and self-development.

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My PLN Profile Information: Text

To begin with, I am a versatile person with a wide range of interests, which is why I am always happy to welcome people with the same views. I received my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Baltimore, and I am currently employed as a case manager. One of my major beliefs is that learning is a lifelong process, and one can never learn enough. For this reason, I try to use modern technologies to access as much information as possible. Due to my job specifics, I have to be well-informed about health and human service issues, which is why access to information is critical to me. Apart from my job duties, I have a rich and eventful personal life. I was a team Mom for my son’s football team, where I was in charge of fundraising. Parenting is no less important to me than any other sphere of my activities, and I am convinced that balancing between one’s job and family is a matter of how much one wants it. Finally, I am an active member at the church, which is also an essential part of my life. It is my belief that one’s personal development has a considerable effect on one’s professiona performance and development (Bruce, 2013), which is why staying highly motivated in everything I do is my priority. This is the knowledge and experience I would like to enlarge and share with people I know.

People and Groups in My PLN

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United States Department of Health. I found this group on Facebook when doing a research on a certain social problem. An online article suggested liking the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Facebook, and I visited the page and found quite useful information there. Since Health and Human Services are an integral part of my job, I am interested in any issues related to this sphere. The group posts health providers’ reviews, updates on public policies, as well as people’s medical experiences (Househ, Boryski, & Kushniruk, 2014). Being a part of this group gives me an opportunity to share information that can be beneficial to me or other people. Therefore, adding it to my PLN and meeting more people interested in this group is crucial for my learning and development.

Eric Thomas. My first encounter with Eric Thomas’s work took place two years ago when a friend of mine had a crisis in her personal life. Due to the specifics of my work, I am perfectly aware of the fact that people’s perception of the crisis shapes their potential to solve life difficulties (Dattilio & Freeman, 2010). Browsing the Internet, I found Thomas’s blog and got interested in his works. The blog redirected me to his Twitter, where I learned more about his motivational speaking. Despite being quite experienced in self-motivation, I still find most of his ideas relevant and worth considering, especially the ones concerning productive and progressive learning on thhe way to advanced performance (Austen, 2010). Thomas’s recommendations helped my friend cope with her problems, as well as led me to some new ideas and conclusions, which is why his presence in my PLN is obligatory.

The Samaritan Women. At work, I came across this organization for the first time. In several days, I was browsing Facebook, searching for people I went to the university with. Amanda G. Weikel attracted my attention. I learned that she is Deputy Communications Director at the Samaritan Women. Her posts and attitude towards her job made me do some additional research about her and the organization. The way she thinks about her job and the goals that the organization sets are appealing to me. Since the work of the organization is partially related to my work, I started following its activities. I got an access to the information sources through a social network by joining the group, which is how PLN is usually developed (Leone, 2013).

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First Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist Church. This is a group, where I can find a number of people to add to my PLN. I have joined it quite a while ago because I am an active member at this church. This group helps me stay in contact with other people visiting the church, as well as it helps those who visited it for the first time. Being a church member is a part of my personal life, this is why it seems logical to make this group and people within it a part of my PLN. This way, I will stay informed about important church events, as well as be able to share some information available to me. It can also help me find people with the attitude towards life and religion that is similar to mine. This is a perfect example of how technology and social media help connect people from all around the globe (Wise, 2014). 

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