Custom «The Art of War» Sample Essay

Custom «The Art of War» Sample Essay

“On the off chance that expressions of charge are not precise and particular, if requests do not get thoroughly understood, then the general is to be faulted” (Sun 7).

Going through my studies in college was based on understanding everyone’s expectations. It translates into the understanding of the exceptional duties and responsibilities that everyone is to undertake while in the organization. Breaking these rules came at a consequence. Other silent rules that have never been written down were enforced while in college. Going through college and breaking these rules will mean that certain privileges will be withheld. That rule in life that pushed me as a student to get to this position in life was triggered. It pushed me to success in everything presented as a challenge in the institution. Considering the lectures and those in attendance, to understand the general, in this case the teacher, by the soldiers, in this instance the students, translates into success. The only difference, in this case, is not that the general is wrong, but rather a soldier has not clearly understood the commands and as such, they have failed in achieving their duties while in the institution. The simplicity of the whole process rests on the understanding of who the general is and who the soldier is at all times (Elbashir, Collier, and Sutton 155).

“Restrained and quiet, to anticipate the presence of confusion and uproar amongst the enemy, this is the specialty of holding restraint” (Sun, 53).

Going to college, there is always the lure of certain aspects that are considered beautiful yet coated with deception. Most of the party life of a student is nothing but a cover that does not dictate the real intention of the institution. Going through life does present distractions that, at first glance, look beautiful and bettr. Without having the patience to be calm and relaxed to weigh all the options, one will tend to make the wrong choices at all times. Hormonal feelings also act as distractions that come in the form of relationships. That is not to say that they do distract, but to juggle the two while in school is very hard. The other risks associated with such “relationships” could lead to death due to the sexually transmitted diseases or drop out of the institution altogether due to pregnancy. The best way to lose the success that is within someone’s grasp is to lose their control and give in to the lures that present a shade that only distracts. The distractions that, in this case, will offer a sure way to losing track of one’s education and future in the institution (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson).

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“The art of war shows us to depend not on the probability of the adversary's not coming, but rather all alone preparation to get him; not on the possibility of his not assaulting, but instead on the way that we have made our position unassailable” (Sun 44).

It is apparent that no matter how hard one tries, life always presents the most unexpected outcomes. The struggle to keep in control is the best strategy anyone can try to have in being prepared enough. Getting to this institution is among the preparations that one makes. All the experiences and the learning process in college are meant to mold the best person to enter and change society. Working with deadlines and goals is the first approach taught in college that seems to foster the concept of being prepared. This way, one is able to track the changes that might come within a given period. Thus, having learned the timetable and all that might happen within a specified period will present a better way of preparing for the semester. For an individual, it means that everyone clearly understands and prepares for all the posssible outcomes (Hodgkinson and Healey 1500).

“Opportunities duplicate as they get seized” (Sun 11).

Life seems to reward those willing to put in the effort. That is to say, the more one gives, the greater rewards one receives. This concept is truer while in school than anywhere else. Devoting the time to study to take up all the necessary steps in ensuring that one gets to the exams when fully prepared is rewarded. Without a doubt, the result will reflect such efforts, dedications, and sacrifices put into the study. The beauty of this concept is that even in life after school, the job opportunities that someone receives will reflect the results he or she had while studying. Therefore, with this in mind while in school, studying becomes the most important concept. Avoiding distractions and taking this opportunity will automatically lead to success in the long-run. Making sense of the idea of putting in work will result in getting work in the end of the studies (Wheelen and Hunger).

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“Strategies without technique are the clamor before annihilation. Methodology without strategies is the slowest course to triumph” (Sun 50).

No matter how well educated or skilled one becomes, going back for referral is always not a bad strategy. Keeping people who seem to have prior knowledge of a concept is always a good way of maneuvering through life and school for a student. These referrals can act as shields in the sense that you get an upper hand. For example, a school, in which the teachers get to understand a concept better, keeping them as a referral will mean better understanding. Contacting the teachers to understand the concept better will mean gaining an advantage. The strategy for all students, in this case, is to keep a mentor who will help them maneuver their way through life and school (Freeman).

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