Custom «Law in the UAE» Sample Essay

Custom «Law in the UAE» Sample Essay

Fairness Rule

Fairness is a rule as found in MZA Compliance Procedures (2012) applicable in the United Arab Emirates which ensures justice is done to an organization or an individual. Before distributing any truthful content, licensees should be issued very carefully to ensure provision of accurately reasonable material facts which have no alterations or omission so that to prevent unfairness to an organization or an individual. Fairness is inseparable from accuracy (Media Zone Authority-Abu-Dhabi, n.d.). Thus, if content is not accurate, then it is more likely to be unfair to an organization or individual featured in it. Therefore, it is of paramount significance to ensure the content is accurate. It is indeed necessary to do thorough checking and research on material facts and where necessary confirm especially on those materials directed to an individual or an organization. The unfair dealing of organizations or individuals must be avoided by all means.

When certain allegations are made against any organization or individual, those involved should be offered a timely and appropriate opportunity to respond to such allegations and defend themselves. The individuals involved should be provided with sufficient information on the evidence and argument to enable them properly respond to the allegations. The licensee must make sure that the published content comparatively corresponds to the substance of any response given by the relevant organization or individual. While seeking a response, licensee should put into consideration, how fairness can be realized. When involving published materials, licensee should make sure that the inclusions of those materials do not result in unfairness or unwanted violation of individual privacy.

In general, fairness is an important rule in the United Arab Emirates law which administers justice to individuals or organizations involved in any allegations. This rule helps to avoid false allegations and penalties as well as increase individuals and organizations’ trust to the UAE law courts. Fairness guarantees equal treatment to all involved parties and ensures that justice prevails.

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