Custom «Change Model Implementation» Sample Essay

Custom «Change Model Implementation» Sample Essay


The principles of the modern market functioning as well as the growing demands of society require the business organizations to assure the constant development and change in accordance with the requirements of the competitive environment. The external conditions needed for the organizations’ effective functioning deal with the various indicators of the efficiency. They require the flexibility of the management system and the organizational structure as the most important elements of the successful performance. Thus, the process of changes implementation can be viewed as the new conceptual approach to management. It means that this processes is supposed to be a significant element of the entire system of functioning including processes, people, consumers, as well as different models and methods of their practical implementation. However, it should be mentioned that the introduction of strategic changes is supposed to be a quite complicated process as it often can be met with the resistance of the external and internal environment of the business such as employees, customers, etc. In fact, it is impossible to completely neutralize the resistance. Nevertheless, there is the great variety of methods and techniques that help to reduce the negative effects of the resistant powers.

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This paper is aimed to introduce the change model for the short-term as well as long-term change in the Sea Treasures Company. Additionally, it will provide the rationale for the decision and discuss the effects that these changes would have on the employees, managers, and executives within the organization.

ADKAR Change Model

Having analyzed the specifics of Sea Treasures Company’s performance, it is recommended to use ADKAR change model in both the short-term and long-term period of the change implementation within the company. ADKAR model is based on the efficient diagnostics of shortcomings and failures in the impementation of change management and their subsequent correction (Hiatt, 2006). The basic idea of ADKAR model is that the successful management of changes in a group can be applied based on the changes of each individual. In fact, this model provides the description of the steps and resources that are needed to introduce the changes in the short-term period as well as reduce the possibility of the resistance.

Awareness stage implies the understanding of changes necessity by each employee, manager, and executive. Specifically, at this stage, each person in the group should be provided with the clear answers related to the origin and essence of the changes as the ultimate goal (Skelsey, 2013). Desire stage implies the willingness of everyone in the group to be ready to support and participate in the change implementation. The key task implies encouraging and motivating people to make their choice in favor of change. Knowledge stage presupposes the exact understanding about the tools needed for the change implementation and mastering. It includes the provision of people with the necessary training and coaching programs. This stage implies setting the achievable and realistic goals of the changes implementation, while reinforcement stage includes the stable and persistent support of the changes (Hiatt, 2006).

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Only the success of all five elements of the model can assure the easy and successful changes within the organization. Thus, ADKAR model can be effectively used to diagnose the key problems hindering changes as the resistance can be dealt with at any of the five steps of the model. The main idea of the correction function, according to ADKAR model, implies the necessity to work with the identified problems without spending time and effort onto the blocks that have been successfully learned and implemented. Thus, the abovementioned change model can be successfully used in short and long-term run making it easier to employees, managers, and executives to get used to the transformational activities within the company.

The usage of ADKAR model can be supported by the example of Amazon performance. Amazon not only offered a convenient search service and delivery, but also has made the products more accessible to the consumers removing the unnecessary layer of a chain costs for end users like the charge for publishing, the services of distribution companies and retail stores. Further, the diversification of the product categories radically changed the structure of the market itself and the distribution of marginal income within the company. In fact, Amazon has created the new type of service and new business solution for the end customers thus providing an opportunity to do something never used by other businesses, i.e. the global distribution in a single click (Levin, 2012). Similarly to Amazon’s experience, Sea Treasures Company can sustain the business and increase revenue through the creation of an Internet Website to sell the large inventory of aquarium decoration items in the short-term period and later expand the Website to sell live sea creatures such as tropical fish and small sea turtles online in the long-term period.


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The usage of ADKAR model in the process of the change management will help the company to assure the efficiency of its performance through the low rate of the employees’ resistance. The high level of employees’ awareness and knowledge about the advantages and benefits of the changes for the company’s performance can be considered as a quite efficient tool to assure their support of the short and log-term changes. The effects that these changes would have on the employees, managers, and executives within the organization may scare them. However, the employees and executives should realize that without the implementation of the changes, the company will be out of business within a year making them unemployed. Otherwise, the successful development of the company will lead the increase of the salaries and wages as well as social advantages of being part of Sea Treasures Company team.

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