Custom «Data Report» Sample Essay

Custom «Data Report» Sample Essay

For the current analysis of the motivation factors, the answers of ten people who work for RT Management were used. The answers differ depending upon the time the respondent has been working for the company and his/her gender. It is possible to say that in general, women tend to criticize the issue less than men do. The proportion is the same for those who work less than five years and those who work for the company for a long period of time.

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The effectiveness of performance depends on a variety of factors. All the respondents strongly agree that benefits and incentives are crucial in stimulating their work. Only five people out of ten report that their manager involves them into the process of making decisions successfully. Perhaps, the second part does not want to be involved into this process because it is possible to assume that the manager does the same job with all employees of RT Management.

The results concerning job security vary by the age of the respondents. Those who have been working for the company for more than five years (four people) strongly agree that they can be sure in it. Another four people, who have been employed by RT Management for the maximum of four years, agree with the statement, and two newly employed respondents answered that they do not feel secure at their job. These reslts can be easily interpreted from the logical point of view: the more the person works in the company, the more sure he/she is in every day routine, rules and perspectives.

Ten respondents answered that they strongly agree with the statement that they are sure about the expectations their employer has from their work. All of them are also content that they get all necessary information that might be useful in their current job. These two aspects support the idea that managers in the company are doing their job at the high level of quality. Informational supply and clear instruction make ten respondents think that they are on the right positions in RT Management, and in case of success, they will be moved up the career ladder fairly.

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Only two people are satisfied with their work schedule, and only five respondents think that there are no problems in communication between the employees and the employer. They agree that the company fails to communicate all their decisions concerning the working process to the employees. According to these aspects, there are certain issues in the company's organization that need to be improved (Salopek, 2004).

The lists of things that motivate the respondents slightly differ, but the majority of the answers (eight out of ten) shows the following order of importance: moneey, benefits, career advancement, recognition and management. The list seems to be quite close to reality and human natural logic; thus,  it is possible to assume that the respondents told the truth in the questionnaire.

Appraisal is important to all of the respondents, but they feel moderately motivated. The feedback the manager gives to them is slightly important despite the answer that he/she is very interested in motivating the others. The manager is considered an enthusiast who constantly tries to encourage creativity at work and set intercommunication in the company (Zeus & Skiffington, 2002). The overall situation shows that teamwork is not the most important aspect in the organization of the process (Buys, 1978). Individual rewards for performance interest nine out of ten respondents. Despite certain negative answers about the group work and creativity in RT Management, all of the respondents consider the system of career development and appraisal in the company to be effective, and eight of them agree that they can talk about their career advancement with their enthusiastic manager.

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The results of the questionnaire shows that the respondents are satisfied with their work at RT Management though the importance of leadership, coaching and group work is surely overestimated in creating motivation for effective work.

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