Custom «Human Resources» Sample Essay

Custom «Human Resources» Sample Essay

There are various companies in the world that possess a similar starting capital. They develop in similar market conditions, working on great products which may become successful among customers. Nevertheless, although various companies have the same opportunities for success, not all of them use them effectively. The reason is that some companies do not understand what their most valued and important asset is. Human resources within organization is the most important asset that allows the company to succeed, meet the set goals, as well as become the leader in a specific segment. Understanding that employees mean the most for the company’s development and success allows managers to use this asset effectively. An example can be seen with Singapore and the many successful companies like UTC Aerospace System which highly value employees, recognizing them as the most important part of the company’s development and providing workers with various opportunities, so they would improve and use their skills in the best possible way for the company’s success.

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Firstly, it would be necessary to expand a little on human resources within an organization. One believes that the right people on the right working positions can contribute greatly to any company’s development, just as wrong people on the wrong places can lead to multiple failures. For example, a company may succeed if it has carefully picked professionals performing tasks they are familiar with and are experienced. These people know what they are doing, and they can make appropriate decisions which would benefit the company. Thanks to the fact that they are doing the jobs they know a lot about and like, they are able to enjoy their jobs. Hence, they are happy with their positions, and they begin to view the entire company as something bigger than merely a working place. They begin to think of it in relation to many people working there, as well as their own working experience. Thus, they become more motivated to work well, in order to lead the company toward success. In some ways, the copany becomes very important for every single employee who enjoys his or her job, and he or she improves one’s performance and contributes greatly to the company’s success.

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This example shows that happy employees who are well selected and managed are able to bring many great contributions into the company. They see that they are being valued by the managers and that their voice matters for the company, and that is why they improve their performance, work harder on the set tasks and are motivated and interested in the company’s success. With such an attitude from the employees, it is easier to create great products with them because workers are very enthusiastic about them. They are able to work, using all of their talents and meeting the shortest deadlines, and since they truly care about the company, they make sure that the things they do are exceptionally good. This way, human resource is the asset that can make the company successful. The companies that have many great employees, but are unable to make them satisfied with their jobs are doomed for failure because despite their technological advances and finances, they would not be able to succeed without motivated and talented workers.

Singapore may suit as a great example where major companies, as well as the government realized that human resource was the most valuable asset for any organization. In order to strengthen human resource and show the government’s interest in increasing professionalism and providing workers new opportunities, the government has created a new program to sponsor continuing education among working people. The government decided to spend more than $5 billion in order to “boost skills and enterprise productivity” of the workers, “develop a comprehensive system for continuing education and training (CET)”, and “oversee the work of the different government agencies and promote close collaboration among the business sector, workers and unions, and the public sector” (Singapore Government 2010). The government also has vvarious programs concerning investments in people, including financial aid for workers and close cooperation with the government in order to show people that they are being valued greatly.

The fact that human resource is recognized as the most important asset of the company is being proven by the existence and functioning of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. It was created in order to help the “workforce through training and skills upgrading” (Singapore Workforce Development Agency 2012). The agency focuses on helping employees to find jobs, improve their skills constantly, so they would be able to keep in track with technological improvements and provide them with the newest updates on the job market. This way, people see that the government and national agencies care and want them to have good jobs, and they are able to contribute greatly to the organizations that accept them as the workforce.

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In this case, UTC Aerospace System can be viewed as a good example of the company, valuing the employees and recognizing them as its most important asset. Managers at UTC understand that depending on the people’s motivation, professionalism and devotion to the job, the company would be able to achieve certain goals. That is the reason the company has established the Employee Scholar Program. According to UTC official website, the reason for the program is to provide “employees the resources to stay current in their chosen field or enable new career opportunities” (United Technologies 2014). Thanks to the program, employees are able to receive professional education in various academic institutions, and the company pays for it. It has spent more than a billion dollars on the education of its workers, and the employees have already earned more than 35,000 degrees. This program shows that the company cares for its employees, wanting them to be as professional and educated as possible and is ready to provide its workers with an opportunity to learn, as long as they would use their skills for the company’s success.

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