Custom «Response» Sample Essay

Custom «Response» Sample Essay

Organizing is the arranging of things in a systematic order. It includes finding out what is supposed to be done to achieve the goal and assigning the tasks to the preferred individuals.  The management process leads to organization that consists of people who work together in harmony for reaching goals. If it is not followed to the latter, then poor results can be achieved (Cooren & Robichaud, 2013). The organizational process is a five-step procedure that helps a manager to figure out a working strategy to achieve the organizations goals and objectives (Hernes & Maitlis, 2010).

First of all, the manager is supposed to review the organization plans and objectives. He has the authority to come up with activities that will help to achieve set goals, and plan how the activities will be carried out. In most cases managers analyze situations and make decisions accordingly. Their ideas can lead to positive or negative impact depending on the situation (Hernes, 2007). Managers should make the right decisions so that the organization improves or changes in a positive way. Unfortunately, some executivesmay find this work difficult thus it forces them to make decisions without considering the negative outcomes. Such kind of managers brings negative influence to the company because they are pre-occupied with their affairs, and they are not concerned about the organization affairs (Hernes, 2007). 

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The manager needs to classify all the activities to be executed in order to achieve set goals and group them accordingly into units that can be controlled without difficulties. There are four models of dividing the organization that the manager can base on when grouping activities. These are: customer, product, functional and geographical. Classifying these activities will help with managing the organization efficiently (Cooren & Robichaud, 2013).

After gruping all the activities, managers assign them to particular individuals. The executives do not have an easy time dividing the tasks because not all the workers comply with them. Some employees might have been working in the same department for many years and can feel comfortable that way. So moving them to another branch of office or giving them a different kind of activity other than the usual one is difficult. The workers can resist change because the kind of work they are given influence them negatively (Hernes, 2007). Mostly, the employees can be affected health-wise or he or she might not be specialized in doing that kind of work. If the workload has increased so much, the workers would have demanded more pay that might be impossible at the moment. Workers can resist change because they find it difficult to adapt to the new system in place (Hernes & Maitlis, 2010).

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To solve these problems, managers need to involve  workers when making decisions. This means holding meetings that will enable them to express their opinions  and tell what they think about a particular situation. If the managers are coming up with a new system they need to inform all the workers in advance for psychological preparation (Hernes, 2007). The workers should have an apportunity to explain their vision of the new system. If they have suggestions about a better one, the managers need to takethat into consideration.  Training on the new system should be done efficiently to ensure that each worker knows and understands it (Cooren & Robichaud, 2013).

When assigning activities managers should ensure that these tasks matches the employee’s specialization. The manager should not move worker to another department without telling him or her in advance (Hernes, 2007). Informing the worker enables him to study the new department and how he will adapt to any changes. Managers should not overload the employee because the work will noot be done efficiently. If the changes are leading to more workload, the executive should consider either employing more workers or increasing salary so that the employees can be motivated to work more (Hernes & Maitlis, 2010). Taking all these aspects into consideration the manager should give each employee the right to carry out the given tasks. Finally, the executive should make sure that there is a chain of command in the whole organization both vertically and horizontally. Then he can demonstrate a diagram describing the relationships inside of organization. (Hernes, 2007).

G & M company changed their systems from manual to computerized using the organizational process. The manager made this decision because operations, communication and the record processing were slow. The finance department had the worst problems because funds were mismatched making most of the funds unaccounted. With the computerized system, operations will be carried out much faster, communication will hold in real time and the working process will become much easier in the finance department (Hernes, 2007).

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These changes had a positive impact not only on the organization but also on its workers. The organization had smooth operations and the profit margins increased massively. Financial mistakes were minimized and in case of any they were solved easily because all the records were intact. The employees became motivated and made more efforts because the work was easier and less stressful. With the help of the organizational process, G & M organization benefitted greatly from the computerized systems (Cooren & Robichaud, 2013).

An organization process should be embraced by each manager. It leads to a smooth and effective work. If an organization is working efficiently, then it will have a positive impact. If the process is not organized well the company can have loss (Hernes & Maitlis, 2010).

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