Custom «Community Teaching Plan: Teaching Experience» Sample Essay

Custom «Community Teaching Plan: Teaching Experience» Sample Essay

Summary of Teaching Plan

Teaching the community about the need to protect themselves from communicable diseases and ways of treatment in case they encounter such is very important as it educates people on how to take care of their lives. It is true that in the community people face the threat of experiencing communicable diseases and others just because they live with others in the same environment. Therefore, learning how to prevent and treat illnesses is a worthy assignment to be undertaken (Sacks, Swinburn, & Kraak, 2013). As a nursing student, I felt that the assignment was challenging. However, teaching the community members about the ways to lead a healthy lifestyle became a very important assignment to me.

Both economic and social conditions of the individuals are the main determinants of their health as well as the social health of the whole community (Goenka & Andersen, 2016). Individual’s health is affected by the amount of information they possess about how to keep themselves healthy apart from the amount of money and power they have. I ranked the value of knowledge on the ways of leading a healthy lifestyle above all other factors. Precisely, I consider knowledge a major health determinant and thus, I focused on assisting the community in collecting information (Sacks et al., 2013).

I organized a public lecture with the concerned members and shared the information on the topic. I also made a PowerPoint presentation to enhance community’s understanding on the whole issue, and I found this tool to be very useful in reaching the goal and retaining audience’s attention (Carter, 2015). Contrary to my expectations about their responses, the community exhibited substantial interest in the topic and strong willingness to learn more about it. My plan was to take only forty minutes to provide them with maximum information about the topic, but I ended up taking the whole hour because they kept motivating me with questions. Finally, I felt satisfied that I had given them as much information as I could.

Epidemiological Rationale

Taking epidemiology to be the study how diseases often occur in different people, the planning for their prevention and where possible the cure is quiet vital for our well being (Goenka, & Andersen, 2016). Most people tend to ignore the importance of preventing diseases as opposed to curing them once they have encountered them. People always miss the fact that some of these diseases are not easy and cheap to treat. Therefore, I felt that the topic is worth a discussion so that we could reemphasize to them the value of a healthy lifestyle. Some prevention mechanisms can be handled easily by the members of the community that listen to the details about their usage. In addition, the fact that some of these diseases are incurable and thus, are better off being handled prior to their occurrence might have also motivated them to listen to the lecture.

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According to Bauer, Briss, Goodman and Bowman (2014), the costs of taking preventive measures against these diseases are much lower to both the individuals and the state as compared to the treatment costs. In case the members of the community can afford such expenditures, their lives may seriously improve. Therefore, it is imperative that all members of the society acquire the knowledge on living a healthy life, which should be a part of my responsibility as a nurse.

I believe that all health caregivers including nurses and other medics are responsible for ensuring that the infections of their patients do not spread and are controlled (Buppert, 2014). Apart from carrying out immunization activities, they are also supposed to be the agents of change by delivering vital information on how the community can remain healthy. Health care specialists should take a leading role in teaching and demonstrating good practices that the community should adopt to help curb communicable diseases (Carter, 2015). Therefore, I was eager to complete this assignment despite the challenges it posed.

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Evaluation of Teaching Experience

It was among the best experiences that I have ever had in my life, which was not only motivating, but also rewarding. I felt good being in front of the audience and helping them understand the ways to prevent and treat diseases. It was a challenge to organize and motivate the community to attend the lecture, but I am happy I did it. It was difficult to come up with the topic and reassure the audience about the value of information.

I was planning to talk to both young and old people with different understanding and social statuses. Therefore, it was challenging to choose the best approach as well as the teaching method for the learning process (Barry, Sixsmith, & Infanti, 2013). I also had to do significant research to collect relevant information on the topic, which was very time-consuming. However, in the process I realized that some of the members were not paying attention because they did not have adequate information about what they should do to remain healthy.

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Their concern with every bit of information I was sharing made me deduce that they were willing to embrace preventive measures, but they could have not received the information. I felt good to help improve their life styles, but I also felt bad that I could not offer more necessary information due to the time constrain and the lack of adequate materials. Generally, I received a good response from the community members and I ended up feeling motivated to organize more of such events. Nevertheless, what I feared in the beginning became my greatest source of motivation for being a nurse.

Community Response to Teaching

At first, attenders seemed to be reluctant to contribute to the discussion on the topic. Some of them put on faces that suggested their boredom even before listening to the lecture. However, during the presentation things seemed to be changing as the community began to develop more interest in the topic. They began making positive contributions and demanding for more. In addition, they began to ask many questions on how to prevent communicable diseases especially those that may be life threatening like bird flu.

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Their concern was that it could be impossible to isolate the people contracted with these diseases since they still remained the part of the community and needed its support. The interaction was efficient with those, who had more information and volunteered to share it. I shared all the information I had prepared for them in the best way I thought was possible, which did not stop them from demanding more information.

At one point one may have had the thought that the entire community may have been suffering with the communicable diseases and seriously needed help. However, this was not the case. The audience was curios to understand the ways of leading a healthy life style and avoiding these diseases. Testimonies of some of them, who had certain communicable diseases, made the audience realize the importance of the topic. They remained attentive throughout the entire lecture and were slightly reluctant at the end.

Areas of Strength and Improvement

I believed given assignment could change people’s lives if well handled. Although it was a challenge that I had not planned to encounter, it made me realize how much the society needs the help of health care practitioners (Carter, 2015). It is just unfortunate that sometimes we made ourselves unavailable to them due to the fear of unknown. My guiding policy has always been, “better try and fail, than fail to try”. I believe this is what gave me the courage to face the task. Therefore, I advise my colleagues to go out and help the members of the community who need us the most.

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In my opinion, I accomplished the task successfully not because I did not fear to undertake the assignment, but because I managed to overcome my fears. My belief in the value of the topic gave me the strength to go through the books and relevant materials to obtain as much information as possible. Encounter with the community patients suffering from these diseases gave me the strength to carry on with the task. It made me believe that my effort would be fruitful.

The moment, when I managed to capture the participants’ attention and interest in the topic, represented my greatest strength. Positive contribution of the participants to the topic made me believe that they value the information that I was providing them with. Such a fact provided me with the confidence to dedicate more time to the task than I planned. In fact, such a reaction of the participants was possible because I spent a lot of time to prepare and plan the exercise before exercising it.

However, I underestimated the need to have adequate materials and sufficient amount of written literature for my participants. I thought that they would not be interested in the topic of my lecture and I was not sure about the number of people that would attend the lecture. I knew that the limited resources deprived me from performing perfectly, but I still felt that I could have performed better and ensure that the members receive the needed information. I would organize more than one session in order to get enough materials for the participants.

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Even with the proper preparation of the content to be discussed, I still could not handle some of the questions posed by the participants at the end of the lecture. I had to ask them to give me more time to research the questions, which I have not done successfully. I still believe that educating community and sharing information on the matters that may affect human health can be made a mandatory exercise for the nursing students and other medics, which can help solve many health problems (Barry et al., 2013).

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