Custom «Neonatal Palliative Care» Sample Essay

Custom «Neonatal Palliative Care» Sample Essay


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In present times, palliative care for neonatal or newborn babies has become the topic of interest and concern in nursing practice. It is important to note that the death of a minor is considered a loss because it means that someone’s life has been cut short. This happens because sickness and death normally come unexpectedly to infants, and thus, are devastating to the family and society. However, in the current highly innovative and technologically advanced environment, the death of an infant, especially in a medical facility, is regarded a failure in the field of therapeutic science. Therefore, there is a need for raising funds to facilitate a serious research on the ways of improving neonatal care with the aim of preventing newborn deaths and infant mortality rate as a whole.

Generally, neonatal palliative care means the treatment of infants while at the same time making sure that the environment from which a child is receiving care is comfortable. Similarly, this form of care must guarantee that a child is devoid of any pain, emotional and physical distress, and receives attention from both health professionals and parents (Greydanus and Merrick 890). This is critical to the health of newborns since the failure to handle them well in a safe environment may lead to serious complications. In order to ensure the wellbeing of aneonate, a health professional ought to show extreme caution while performing any procedures that may be injurious to a minor if there is no due diligence. Research must be conducted to ensure that health practitioners are equipped with necessary skills to meet the requirements highlighted above.

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Unfortunately, the rate of newborns deaths is still high even in jurisdictions considered to be developed. For instance, according to the statistics from the center for disease control, as of 2009, the United States was still experiencing 6.39 newborn deaths among every 1000 children born in normal and health conditions (Malloy 887). According to this data, developed countries are not left behind in high newborn deaths. As it stands now in many jurisdictions, the stage of infancy is still regarded as one of the most susceptible stages of life in both developed and developing countries (Malloy 887). Notwithstanding massive innovations in the medical sector, there still exists a need for further research in health complications related to newborn babies and infants in general to prevent disturbing deaths witnessed across the globe. Furthermore, governments should heavily invest in neonatal healthcare to ensure that babies grow to maturity, with access to the improved medical services.

With good investments in research, palliative services would be provided by competent personnel with reqquisite knowledge and skills to ensure that the risk of death to infants is almost nil. Most infant deaths often mean that the healthcare delivery system either is weak or lacks sufficient resources to match the ever changing challenges handling neonates. Additionally, in order to minimize emotional stress, there is a need for the society to be aware of the ways of dealing with unfortunate circumstances of neonatal death. In fact, in most cases, the society is unable to handle the stress that comes with the demise of a newborn. The society has few established norms of helping the family to cope with such unexpected loss, and the availability of funds will ensure that stress are established to cushion the society from the stress of sudden infant deaths.


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As discussed above, the availability of funds will help to solve the problem of neonatal palliative care in two aspects. First, the access to funds is necessary for conducting the research called to fill the information gap and minimize infant deaths in general. Secondly, the availability of resources will help in providing the mechanisms that enhance the society’s ability to cope with the death of neonates if it ever happens. Moreover, the need of palliative care must be emphasized across the world to ensure that no children die because of poor treatment or badly equipped palliative health facility. 

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