Custom «Nursing Education, Accreditation, and Regulation» Sample Essay

Custom «Nursing Education, Accreditation, and Regulation» Sample Essay

Most of the patients would want their health care data to remain private, while others may want it to be shared with other people. As a result, some rules have been formed by the government officials about who can receive or look at the health care statistics. The law gives an individual the right to get medical information, to ensure that it is correct and provided anytime one needs it through any preferred media. Therefore, there is a need to understand how to secure an individual’s healthcare data as well as how patients know their rights concerning privacy in the health care.

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According to the interviews of randomly chosen patients, the interviewees usually would not disclose their health information to anyone. Furthermore, they would allow hospitals to use their medical details only with their consent as they are protected by the law that protects the privacy of individual’s data (Health Information Privacy, 2015). A doctor or any other healthcare system representative cannot disclose the sensitive information of a patient to their employer or workmates. If phone calls are used to inform someone about their laboratory results or health conditions, no other person on the phone or voice mail apart from the intended one could be contacted. This is how anaverage person should understand their privacy rights.

The patients can protect their rights through Federal laws and the insurance coverage. The latter one provides an option of not disclosing the individual’s data to other doctors within the hospital. Apart from that, the healthcare institution is not allowed to use personal information for any other purposes without the patient’s consent. It cannot be shared publicly. Most importantly, the pharmacist should not disclose the type of medication the patient takes without their permission to an insurance company.

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Most of the individual’s health care information is private, and no one is allowed to access it. It includes but is not restricted to conversations about the care between a doctor and nurses or other hospital staff members, billing information, data on medical records, and insurance data. Besides, an individual has a right to receive their health details any time upon request. They may ask for reports on billing, notices on regimentation and other documents the hospital has to store securely. These reports can only be provided to the patient alone unless other is specified beforehand.

The information about the care one receives needs to be protected so that the privacy is not compromised. It can only be used for the coordination of doctors’ work, treatment, paying doctors for their services, and maintaining standards of healthcare environments. Besides, the patient data might be utilized to notify the public about the outbreak of contagious disease. Finally, hospital staff is obliged to report any issues of gunshot wounds to the police.

Sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that the information about an individual is kept private because of many authorities in the health care. However, practitioners from hospitals and insurance companies have deployed strategies to guarantee the protection of privacy. They offer training to all interested individuals about the laws that govern the usage of personal information. Again, they take all the steps required to keep the personal details of patients secured.

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Therefore, the privacy of health care data is critical since it preserves the secrecy of person in the sphere of health care. The federal laws are credited with ensuring that personal information is protected and its utilization is restricted to a narrow circle of individuals. Most importantly, it is the role of individuals to understand and permit the sharing and use of their health care information.

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