Custom «Nursing Leadership and Management» Sample Essay

Custom «Nursing Leadership and Management» Sample Essay

1. The top nursing leaders of the 21st century are the nursing directors in the health care institutions. It is mainly due to their ability to focus on motivating, influencing, and empowering hospitals. Compared to the nursing leaders of the 19h and 20th centuries, the 21st-century nursing leaders are more informed, empowered, and willing to fight for the rights of the junior nurses. They possess good interpersonal communication skill that promote efficiency and transparency in the nursing practice, which contributes to the fact that today’s nursing leaders are value driven.

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2. During the Revolutionary war, some of the nursing leaders believed to be influential in medical practice were such individuals as Florence Nightingale. In fact, mainly due to her ability to provide an organized and improved mode of collecting and generating consistent data and statistics, positive changes happened in medical practice

3. The characteristics that I believe are important for a nursing leader to possess include excellent interpersonal communication skills, visionary leadership, and ability to formulate strategies and plans to direct the medical team and services toward medical goals. Other characteristics that are essential in nursing practice include excellent problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities as well as integrity. As a nursing leader and practitioner, I would direct the future of nursing toward a productive and efficient unit that assists personnel in the working evironment.

4. Yes, I believe that nurses should be involved in their professional organizations because it promotes coordination and enhances efficiency in the medical institutions. It also allows effective decision-making in the institution. Furthermore, the involvement of nurses in their professional organizations helps to improve the quality of nursing working conditions as well as patient’s outcome and control costs. It also enables them to utilize nursing resources appropriately.

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5. Over the years, the standards of the nursing diploma program have changed to meet general medical needs and demands of medical fraternity. For example, 20 years ago, hospitals functioned as an ideal work setting for practicing nurses. However, with the growth and spread of industrialization, nursing diploma programs have included the use of technology. As a result, current nursing programs have assumed an increased sense of flexibility.

6. In the past, nurses were required to collect all data themselves and enter patients’ clinical information manually. Today, nurses use technology to digitally store patients’ medical records. Florence Nightingale is one of the prominent historical figures in nursing due to her record keeping ability. It is evident that Florence Nightingale’s record keeping skills allowed introducing an organized and improved mode of collecting and generating consistent data and statistics in medical practice (Sanford, 2012). During an interview, I woould ask a nursing leader from the past about the relevance of participant decision making in health care institutions. The intention of this question is to develop a clear understanding on how medical facilities have achieved their main goals.

7. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) seeks to improve the satisfaction of nurses within their working environments as it would help provide excellent patient outcome services (“About ANCC,” n.d.). Furthermore, the ANCC has provided adequate opportunities for various medical institutions to form a partnership with an actively shared governance structure to communicate the concept of change and bring feedback.

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8. According to the five interviewed participants, nurses are the most influential people in the world. From my perspective, the answers of the participants appear to be realistic because they recognize the different roles nurses play. As a result, there were no substantial differences in the responses despite different ages and genders of the people answering the question. The result proves that the participants are informed and aware of a general role of nurses in the society. I believe that this image is caused by the establishment of healthy and professional relationships between patients and health practitioners. Thus, by establishing a moral and ethical working relationship between medical professionals and their clients, nurses can create an independent and effective working environment that allows public’s participation.

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