Custom «One Day Living by Nietzsche » Sample Essay

Custom «One Day Living by Nietzsche » Sample Essay

Believing one’s words is expecting and willing them to be true. When they are coming out of philosopher’s lips, it is not a matter of faith, but rather of deep understanding of the words. After reading Friedrich Nietzsche, I realized that the full apprehension of his philosophy could be achieved by living it out. In his work Beyond Good and Evil Nietzsche states, though in very subtle and vague form, some truths that are still ambiguous in their route. He never uses imperatives, and his sarcasm is misleading, making it difficult to deeply focus on what his advice would base on. Nevertheless, I managed to observe some specific ideas on good life and applied them in my life for one day as profound as my understanding of them could reach.

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To begin with, the philosopher states an incredible idea, which contradicts to what a democratic society teaches its members – an idea of being a supreme aristocratic creature. Such person, no matter how superficial it may look, likes "clearness, brightness, depth, and refinement" - a way of separating oneself as a saint with a tendency to keeping one's body clean (Nietzsche, 1913). I have applied this to 24-hour practical experiment in the following way: I did not eat in public places, took a shower 4 times a day and eventually had a bath in the evening. I also did not shake hands, getting the odd looks, and used a tissue after every time I held a door handle. This did separate me as a "saint", but it also ade me look fastidious when I refused to give water to my friend and let her drink from my bottle. This action, which I find a down-to-earth expression of Nietzsche's philosophy, helped me apply his other ideas on a physical level.

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Another idea I successfully managed to implement in my treatment to others is the attitude to women, as he mentions: "... women themselves have still their impersonal scorn - for 'woman'" (Nietzsche, 1913). I treated every female person as someone who does not like themselves, as a mediocre unintelligent animal, unworthy of being referred to as Homo sapiens. I talked to my friends and women I know in the way that made some of them feel suspicious, while others, to my fascination, did not have a clue. What I find true in Nietzsche's philosophy is his view of women, even when he talks about their more masculine type (in the way they think and act).

There was one general statement that can be summed up in these words of the philosopher: "... egoism belongs to the essence of a noble soul", which I find extremely important for the understanding of the whole subject of practicing his philosophy (Nietzsche, 1913). Viewing oneself as the most important and valuable in this world, the high elite, the chosen, the most intelligent and significant is a task that needs a special prior preparation. This is, to my mind, the ultimate confidence one can possibly achieve, and it is, for sure, a necessary tool or skill that help to become successful. Puttting myself in the center position of the world required forgetting all the drawbacks I had, and all the mistakes I ever made. I believed that my opinion is the most correct and stood above any other. I reckoned that my good is everyone's good, and the goal was to make sure that my priorities were protected and no one could possibly think of changing my mind, I was the “superior man” (Jaspers, 1997). This resulted in the following situation. My friend, let him be Jack, asked me to look at his drawings he wanted to submit for a designer contest. In my opinion they were not good enough, and I told it to Jack straightforward. He, as an artistic person, reacted dramatically, since I offended his talent. He never talked to me since that day. My opinion triumphed, while he did not send his works to the contest, believing he was not good enough. It might have been his chance to achieve something or get reasonable advice, but my thoughts became his milestone. This experience may be what Nietzsche tired to say in his work.

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Therefore, the philosophy of Nietzsche is a combination of blur ideas about a super human, in fact, Friedrich himself did not believe that it could ever be possible (Bertram, 2009). Even trying to free oneself from the boundaries of a slave's mindset cannot be achieved, not talking about becoming that superior being. His ideas can be good for a person who does not wish to cooperate with others, who does not believe in democracy and feels like a separated "saint", elite.

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