Custom «2016 Electoral Process Topics» Sample Essay

Custom «2016 Electoral Process Topics» Sample Essay

National Security (SEP. 7, 2016)

In the article by Todd, Murray and Dann (2016), the argument is that in the current elections, the matters to the American national security have become of greater influence, as compared to previous elections. The argument is that the American economy has been improving, as demonstrated by the decreased unemployment levels (Todd et al., 2016). Moreover, the world is in a more chaotic state than in any other electioneering year, as seen in the increased fights in the Middle East, not to mention the Russian aggression. Over and above and of great importance is the rise of ISIS that poses the danger to the American soil.

It is clear that more than ever, as the case for the other people around the globe, the threat of terror for United States has been on the rise. Therefore, the ability to convince the American people on how the candidate is going to guarantee the safety of the Americans will be highly influential to the result of the election. This is evident with the Donald Trump’s case in winning the GOP nomination. Moreover, the significance of this topic has been the controversial email scandals for using a private server. American people are more concerned with the national security issues more than ever, thus forming a crucial topic in the coming election.

Military Tactics Sept. 8, 2016

The article captures another topic that has sparked the different viewpoints from the two candidates. In his speech, Trump is of the view that the direction Americans need to take in the prevention of conflict is through “unquestioned military strength.” On the one hand, he then added that Clinton had been one of the players that have seen the American military degraded through budget cuts, besides being a part of the team that has left chaos in the Middle East (Jopson, 2016). On the other hand, Clinton argued that Trump is inexperienced on foreign affairs and, therefore, not better placed to handle them (Jopson, 2016).       

It is clear that indeed more funds are required in the military to better equip them to meet the enormous challenges of safeguarding the United States in the modern world, since the threats are more diverse and complex, as compared to any other time. Moreover, in the perspective of Hilary’s foreign policy problem, she together with Obama did concede that they made a mistake in Libya by not thinking about the post – Gaddafi era an assumption that has led to Libya having a power vacuum. This is a topic of high interest to American people, and if a candidate outlines well the strategies on how to empower the army, there is a huge benefit in the form of votes from the veterans and the majority of the GOPs.

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Taxation Sept. 9, 2016

The estate tax is a topic where both presidential candidates have different views. Trump is of the view that the estate tax should be eliminated, while Hilary not only wants estate to be upheld but also wants to increase it through a reduced threshold of $3.5 million from $5.45 million besides increasing it to 45% (Mankiw, 2016). However, anti-argument front argues that in the current system, where there is a combination of income and estate tax, people who make a fortune and share it with their children are disadvantaged, as compared to those who make similar amounts and do not share it (Mankiw, 2016). Similarly to the views of Trump, the author seconds the idea of elimination of the estate tax.

Both candidates have valid arguments regarding taxation. On the one hand, Clinton’s view is that this tax provides an avenue where more tax is availed from the rich, thus coming up with the much-needed revenue. On the other hand, according to Trump, the estate tax is a vice that has destroyed families and represents double taxation (Mankiw, 2016). However, there is the need to evaluate the impact of the estate tax and ensure that the final information is based on a cost-benefit analysis. The fact is the federal government is always in need of more revenues to subsidize health, security, and education among other needs. However, there is the need to ensure thaat the culture of saving is not discouraged by the element of double taxation, which some economist have accused estate tax of having.

Immigration Sept. 10, 2016

Trump, in this article, continues with his argument of deporting immigrants from a political perspective, where the argument is that once the illegal immigrant has been “legalized,” then no Republican will ever win the election again (Pengelly, 2016). Such situation might happen because of the potential legal status that the illegal migrant might have if Clinton captures the presidency. This is in the reaction to the possibility of the illegal immigrant attaining legal status under Clinton’s administration.

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The current norm in the world is globalization, where people are free to move and live at any place provided they follow the set regulation in the hosting country. On the one hand, the effort should be centered on ensuring that there are policies that help in accounting for the immigrants in the United States. On the other hand, the argument that “legalizing” the status of the immigrants will disadvantage the Republicans is not valid. This is significantly so since, in the current political order, Trump continues to enjoy some Hispanic support despite continued use of bad language on them. Therefore, the votes of these people can clearly be influenced by policies that touch their lives, as seen in mixed support for Trump and Clinton.

Personal Attacks on Credibility Sept. 12, 2016

Trump camp released an advertisement where Clinton is seen calling Trump’s supporters as “basket of deplorable.” From the Trump’s camp, the idea was to fully exploit Clinton’s speech to the maximum (Corasaniti, 2016). The aim is to turn the speech into “flash point” towards the general election. The aim is to portray Clinton as a stereotype to the American voters by the advertisement which is very well calculated to capture when Clinton is generalizing Trump supporters as xenophobic, Islamophobia and sexist, to name a few.

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