Custom «Contemporary Political Culture» Sample Essay

Custom «Contemporary Political Culture» Sample Essay

There are numerous global environmental problems affecting the vulnerable communities in the world such as pollution and global warming. Such communities due to the effects of poverty are unable to shield themselves from the detrimental effects of these environmental problems and as such it is necessary to provide proper intervention measures. This essay supports the idea of the need to protect vulnerable communities from the effects of pollution. The paper identifies pollution as the global environmental problem and the proposed solution that is necessary for preventing the effects of pollution in term of the safeguards and the global environmental governance initiatives. Examples of the environmental pollution in this context include the discharge of the industrial waste products in water bodies such as rivers and streams and emission of industrial gases into the atmosphere. An example of soil pollution occurs where industries discharge wastes that contain nitrates and as such they deprive the soil of its fertility. In Africa, statistics provide that most of the communities us water directly from the streams and rivers for all purposes without treating the water prior to consumption. Global environmental problems are defined as the negative impacts on the environment such as global warming, greenhouse effect and pollution. Vulnerable communities are those communities who face a great danger of the effects of the global environmental problems since they depend on the polluted resources such as water and soil to engage in activities that are directly related to their survival.

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There are numerous global environmental problems that have been affecting both the world in general and its inhabitants. However, vulnerable communities are the most affected people with most of the environmental problems since such communities do not have the means to protect themselves from the causes of the global environmental problems. Poverty is among other factors that deprives such communities of the necessary resources to combat such environmental issues. An example is indigenous African communities that rely on untreated water from rivers and streams for consumption. In this case, the global environmental problem that is affecting most of the vulnerable communities is the problem of pollution. Air, water and soil pollution have affected negatively the vulnerable communities and as such it is a global problem that ought to be tackled.  These three polluted resources need many years to recoup. Exhaust fumes from the motor vehicles and industrial wastes are the leading pollutants of the environment. Plastics, heavy metals as well as nitrates are the kind of toxins that are responsible for environmental pollution. Water pollution is mainly caused by urban runoff, acid rains and oil spillage. Lastly, air pollution is a result of industries and factories releasing some numerous gases and toxins alongside burning of fossil fuel. Industrial wastes entail soil pollution by depriving the soil of the indispensable nutrients that are responsible for sustaining soil fertility.

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The current proposed solution for the global environmental problem is affecting the vulnerable communities in a positive way regarding the curbing of environmental pollution. Some of the proposed solutions include the fact that various companies and industries in general have to develop proper waste discharge mechanisms that do not pollute the resources especially water and air.[1] This is very critical since the industries account for 100 percent of the current global environmental pollution. It is clear for every person that most companies do not have proper waste disposal mechanisms. They release their waste products in the water bodies such as rivers and streams that are being used as clean water sources by the communities. This is very dangerous since vulnerable communities due to the effects of poverty do not have what it takes to treat such water prior to consumption. As such they become victims of water born diseases such as cholera and diarrhea among others. These are some of the diseases with the potent of wiping away human lives if left unchecked.

Furthermore, the very industries discharge wastes that deprive the soil of their nutrients hence making it unsuitable for agricultural purposes. Industries are also reesponsible for air pollution. The current proposed solution provides measures to be put in place for each nation to ensure that there is a proper waste disposal mechanism that will prevent the pollution of the soil and water resources, which are very central to the livelihood of the vulnerable communities who depend on agriculture as their economic backbone. This means that the soil will regain its fertility and the water resource will be fit for human consumption in its natural state. By extension, the vulnerable communities will be shielded from the diseases that are synonymous with the effects of environmental pollution, and that will be a big step towards the process of redeeming the vulnerable communities from the destructive effects of environmental pollution. In a nutshell, the proposed solution for the global environmental problem of pollution will be very helpful for vulnerable communities since the proper waste disposal management system by  industries worldwide will have the potent to either reduce significantly environmental pollution or rather eliminate it wholly.

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The international community is in a better position of building safeguards for the vulnerable people into global environmental governance initiatives. This can be achieved by putting in place the appropriate measures to compel every company in all industries to produce and make public its waste disposal management policy and as such it should be able to comply with the internationally accepted standards for the purposes of such systems being free from causing any sort of environmental harm at all costs.[2]  This will be very important as such measures will also entail various sanctions for noncompliance with the globally acceptable waste management and disposal standards. This will compel every nation over the globe to ensure that all the companies within their jurisdictions meet the established standards and implement such to the latter.  Furthermore, the vulnerable communities should also be compelled to observe certain environmental conservation standards necessary for them to ensure that they do not pollute the environment through their own activities either intentionally or through ignorance.

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