Custom «Conflict Resolution Styles» Sample Essay

Custom «Conflict Resolution Styles» Sample Essay

Styles chosen in resolving conflicts depend on an individuals’ disposition concerning his or her pro-social goals. Individuals can employ various styles in resolving conflicts as analyzed below with the supportive ideas. The first one is the avoidance conflict resolution style. Here, an individual reduces the concern for the outcome of an event. The individuals involved adopt a wait-see strategy thereby avoiding the conflict. The style requires no consideration because one simply assumes that nothing happened. However, the parties risk more problems that may be out of control than when the conflict was not avoided.

Giving-in conflict resolution style, on the other hand, is very accommodating. It requires a lot of cooperation, and one party must agree with suggestions and views of an adversary to solve the conflict. It is one of the most peaceful ways of arriving at a solution and carrying on; parties involved learn to accommodate each other. Standing your ground or competitive conflict resolution style is a win-lose strategy where both parties involved stand firm on their decision. All the parties stick to a hard-line position and have no plans to cede ground. This style maximizes concern for self while it minimizes empathy, which arouses intimidated feelings.

Collaborating or cooperating style is usually employed in a win-win situation where both parties accommodate one another albeit with a lot of courage. This style view conflict as a good opportunity for development. In my self-assessment, giving-in and cooperating styles are the best. They help in pursuing a safe and sustainable solution to a conflict because both take in the concerns of all parties involved. Though reasonable to win on your side, it is good to work with others in accommodating the situation in order to preserve a hitherto healthy relationship. In addition, it is realistic sharing and exchanging ideas by accepting the reasons rather than taking a stand and postponing or ignoring the issue.

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