Custom «Evaluation and Report on Obtaining Air Operator’s Certificate» Sample Essay

Custom «Evaluation and Report on Obtaining Air Operator’s Certificate» Sample Essay


For your company which owns five Airbus A340 aircrafts, there are procedures and several specifications your company has to meet so as to be able to be granted an AOC. The National Aviation Authority is the body which grants air Operator’s Certificates. It allows an air operator to use aircraft for commercial purposes. It requires the operator to have assets, personnel and other system ready for ensuring safety of both the employees and the public. This certificate states the registrations of the aircrafts to be used, the purpose they will be used for and the airports and geographical region they will be operating in. In order for your Airbus A340 aircrafts company to acquire this certificate, there are several requirements and a process to follow within the United Kingdom’s requirements.

Requirements for Obtaining AOC

The United Kingdom civil Aviation Authority demands that any company seeking AOC must have the following requirements:

  1. Having enough personnel with the required experience for the operations intended
  2. An airworthy aircraft capable of conducting the operations requested
  3. Good and acceptable systems for training crew and operations manual
  4. Proper systems of ensuring all regulations are followed
  5. An appointment of major accountable staff responsible for various critical safety functions
  6. Carriers Liability Insurance to cover any injury or death of any passenger carried in case of an accident
  7. A proof that the operator has adequate funds to finance the operations
  8. Sufficient ground infrastructure for the operator to support operations into the requested ports
  9. According to European Aviation Safety Authority, the certificate should be held by a legal person who resides in the region

According to United Kingdom Department of Transportation, before the certificate is granted we conduct thorough investigation to ensure that air carriers have adequate financing, we hold competent management and are willing to comply with the set regulations and that 75 percent of the airlines controlling equity voting should be owned by citizens of the United Kingdom.

Sections of Obtaining AOC

 You should arrange a pre-application meeting with the CAA to determine whether the organization has enough understanding of the appropriate regulations and requirements (Associated Press, 2012; 22). After the meeting is satisfactory, you will be provided with an AOC application package that includes the following documents:

  1. A draft Schedule of events in the application certification process
  2. An operations checklist manual
  3. An OAC approvals document template
  4. The Aircraft equipment checklist template
  5. Template European Aviation Safety Authority form IV, which are to be completed for each nominated post holder

Application Process

This is a crucial stage towards obtaining AOC and it involves the following activities:

  1. Identifying the aircraft, type operated
  2. Selection of key personnel including Chief Pilot, chief training captain, chief executive, engineering manager, Quality assurance and Investigation manager and an AOC Application project manager all with suitable qualifications and experience
  3. Defining the organizational structure, location of offices, tasks to be outsourced and key suppliers
  4. Submission of application to the regulator of the AOC and for approval by the senior officials
  5. Preparations to obtain sot of policy and procedure manuals defining how the operation will function in compliance with the regulators rules
  6. Submission of proposals for ETOPS requirements and other approvals for regulator agreement
  7. Submission of exposition to the regulator and monitoring its progress in approval process responding to the regulators questions and issues and reviewing where necessary

After the application process, you will be awarded the certificate if your organization meets the specified requirements at a fee. Your company should fully prove that it is capable of financing all the operations and has adequate skilled personnel and defined security measures for both the clients and employees. This certificate is offered only to be valid for the operations within the stated geographical region and for the specified operations. The certificate maybe denied if your organization does not meet certain regulations and hence it is necessary to monitor the approval progress. You should be ready to produce any required documents and respond accordingly to the issues from the regulator such as questions. The proposal might also be reviewed if requested by the regulator and it is important for one to confirm the information before submission. This would ensure that relevant information is provided including configurations of the aircrafts to avoid denial of the certificate by the regulator. Your company should also satisfactorily confirm the experience and qualifications of the key personnel to ensure they meet the specified requirements for ease of operation after being granted the certificate.

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Company’s Corporate Structure and Maintenance of Airworthiness

The corporate structure of your company will include various departments and it should be flexible enough to accommodate extra departments in case of expansion of the services. It involves officials such as:

1.      The Chief Executive Officer

He is at the top of the corporate hierarchy and is involved in making of crucial decisions affecting the company. He participates in making decisions on matters like need for expansion of the available services, cutting of operations within some loss making routes and also approves the number of employees to be employed. He is assisted by other officials in analyzing the overall progress of the company operations.

2.      Chief Financial Officer

The CFO is involved in creating value for shareholders, measuring the financial performance of the company and determining how it can be improved. He is also responsible for monitoring how funds are used to finance various operations of the company and files a report to the board of directors for analysis. He is head of the general process of financing though he does not make major decisions alone but he participates in giving suggestions on the various methods to be adopted to cut down the unnecessary expenditures.

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3.      Board of Directors

Border directors are a group of individuals who are responsible in voting for major decisions at the airline. Any crucial matters arising are presented before the board of directors for them to scrutinize the issue fully and come up with suggestions on the actions to be taken. They discuss all matters of the company and evaluate the need of making some changes n various departments. After analysis of the different reports from various departments they may decide to cut down some expenses if the budget is too low or decide on employment of more personnel. They can also make decisions on the most preferable organizations to sign contracts with according to the different provisions.

4.      Sales and Marketing Professionals

They have adequate skills on the best marketing methods and are responsible for making advertisements to the public about the company. They market it in terms of the services it renders in effort to attract customers. They work to ensure that the company attracts customers. They sale the company both to the public and to the private sectors who might be willing do business with them. They manage the company websites and continuously update current news about the company for the internet users to view. This boosts the popularity of the company to the customers hence promoting its ability to attract many people both shareholders and clients for travels.

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5.      Operations Personnel

This department comprises of the pilots, flight attendants and maintenance workers who conduct the operations of the company. The pilots are responsible for flying the aircrafts to various destinations while flight attendance and maintenance workers who include the load masters and the mechanics ensure that the aircrafts are in good conditions before flight and ensure that the normal weight of the load is not exceeded. This is a crucial department since it interacts directly with the aircrafts and the clients and the company puts trust n their services according to their qualification and experience to render quality services.

Maintenance of Airworthiness

Your aircrafts have to be regularly inspected and serviced to ensure their airworthiness. If any aircrafts is removed from service, it should be protected against harmful environmental effects if it has to be parked for duration of time before resuming operations. Aircrafts are highly vulnerable to damages caused by harmful environmental effects. During parking, they require special protection of all the systems and components of the aircraft to avoid contamination or unnecessary modifications caused by some environmental factors. The maintenance of airworthiness can be classified into three categories depending of the state of the aircraft. The personnel to be employed in the various departments should have enough experience to be able to detect any malfunction as early as possible and correct it.

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They should be well versed with the necessary knowledge to enable proper doing of their job and avoid accidents caused by unairworthy aircraft which was not effectively maintained and tested by relevant professionals.

1.      Airworthiness for an Aircraft in Service

Your aircrafts should be inspected to ensure that they are working according to the regulatory requirements established for airworthiness. Regular maintenance checks and testing of the aircraft systems should be conducted to detect any malfunction and restore to its normal condition. Between flights, mechanics should perform transit checks of the lanes at the airport ramp. The checks include general walk-around inspection for any obvious damage, required servicing, operational tasks specified for the plane and correction of discrepancies. The qualified ground personnel perform visual preflight walk-around checks and the flight crew will then complete the preflight checklist from the flight deck to ensure airworthiness.

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Aircraft Resuming from Maintenance Downtime

This is done to an aircraft, which has been out of service for quite a period. After an extended period of downtime of an aircraft that needs to be return to service, the operational status of the aircraft systems, aircraft configuration and its airworthiness should be verified. This is necessary because during events like scheduled heavy maintenance check which might have been done to the aircraft major portions of it might have been dissembled for extensive overhaul. Some instrument panels might have removed or aircraft systems dismantled for inspection and refurbishment. There could also be major modifications and structural repairs done. The electrical wiring should also be well reconnected and tested whether it is working properly before the plane is returned to services. All the systems of the plane that had been handled during maintenance should be operationally tested according the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Also functional check flight should be done before the aircraft can begin revenue service.

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Aircraft Returning from Parking

Sometimes an aircraft maybe parked for a long period due to operational or business issues such as overcapacity, market conditions, regulatory actions or company restructuring.  Preservation procedures should be followed to protect the plane from structure deterioration, protect the airplane systems and avoid surface finish.

The aircraft should be safe from damage or debris contamination of static ports, pitot probes, total air temperature probes and angle of attack sensors. The external openings of the aircraft such as relief valves, outflow valve, vents and ports should be closed for protection against harmful environmental effects (Koeing, 2011; 11). Regular maintenance checks should be done since due to the inactivity of the airplane changes may occur. The batteries may discharge; there might be contamination of potable water systems or fuel tanks or loss of lubrication by system mechanisms. Some system and components including the hydraulic systems, the oxygen cylinders and the landing gear shock struts may lose pressure.

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The plane should be electrostatic ally grounded while in parking and the engine, auxiliary power unit and cargo fire extinguishing systems and other portable fire extinguishers should be in a fully serviceable condition in case of fire. The parking creates problems in the proper functioning of all the systems of the plane since a mistake might occur and the full protection of the plane is deviated from hence resulting to malfunction of some components (Jones, 2013;1). 

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