Custom «Fossils» Sample Essay

Custom «Fossils» Sample Essay

The Pterosaurs, which are dinosaur type fossils with 27- feet wingspans found in UK. The newly discovered dinosaurs’ species known as Vectidraco daisymorrisae was named after a nine-year-old girl, Daisy Morris, who had shown interest in collection of fossils since the age of four. Daisy stumbled on something unusual sticking out of the sand on the Isle of Wight, one of the richest dinosaur sites, in Europe. She took the blackened bones she had found to an archaeologist who discovered that the bones were for fossils of about 100 million years ago. The researchers involved visited the site and dug deeper only to come up with an almost full skeleton of the twelve- foot long flying pterosaurs. The pterosaurs were specie of flying reptiles believed to have been roaming the sky million years ago. These fossils remains were donated to the Natural History Museum. The climate where the fossil lived was cool since the remains were found at the beach during a low tide.

The reason for choosing this fossil was the amazing part of the founder being a nine-year-old girl who out of the normal seems to have an obsession of collecting fossils.

Fossil Discovered in Japan

The Esposito family discovered the Mountain Top Fossil in Andes mountaintop. The family had gone hiking when Mrs. Esposito came across a fossil at the mountaintop and picked it. The fossil was of a once shelled organism that had lived in the sea. The idea of how the sea organism’s shell found its way to the mountain brought a big debate.

Over a long geological period, when the earth’s crust went through several changes, the Mountain today would have formed where an ocean, shallow sea, or muddy marshes once existed. The ancient marine organism died and covered with sediments, which hardened over time to form a sedimentary rock. The rock inside of which this fossil existed was raised at the mountain formation. Due to weathering and erosion, the fossil was exposed hence a marine fossil on the mountain.

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