Custom «Human Sexual Behavior» Sample Essay

Custom «Human Sexual Behavior» Sample Essay

What is "normal" and "abnormal" sexual behavior, and how can they be defined?

It is hard to describe a normal sexual behavior because it always reflects an individual’s take and prejudice on sexuality. However, normal sexual behavior is associated with desirable conduct either to the society or to an individual. A normal sexual behavior is meant for three main objectives: pleasure, reproduction and for strengthening or promoting interpersonal relationship. On the other hand, an abnormal sexual behavior is characterized by bizarreness, inefficiency and discomfort. An abnormal sexual behavior is rare, and not many people practice it. Several behaviors are regarded abnormal sexual behavior; they include exhibitionism, incest and fetishism among others (King, 2012).

Many of you have occasionally engaged in some of the behaviors described in this chapter. Explain the differences between a paraphilia and a sexual variant.

Literally, paraphilia simply means atypical love or beyond usual. Paraphilia is commonly used to explain sexual behaviors whereby sexual response and arousal are triggered by a bizarre activity or unusual object. Paraphilla can also be referred to as modern sexual behavior. The statistical and diagnostic mental disorders manual explain paraphilla as a sexual disorder characterized by intense sexually stimulating fantasies, recurrent, sexual behaviors or urge involving an unusual object that cause humiliation or suffering of one’s partner or oneself (King, 2012).

What is some of the most common myths about rape, and what are the facts? What can we do to correct these myths?

Myth: Women should not go outside alone at night. Since women are mostly raped at late night when outside, the only way to protect themselves is by not going out in dark.

Fact: The idea of not walking alone at night is well-known in the prevention of sexual asault. However, unknown individuals commit a very little percentage of rape cases. Some rape cases occur in the working place and homes. Rape cases in such places are rarely reported because the victims are most likely not to be believed. The myth restricts freedom and controls movement: it makes women feel as if they are living under curfew and that it is their obligation to be either out or in a specific time (King, 2012).

MythActions and dress code of women are the main contributors of rape cases, and it occurs mostly to youth women.  

Fact: Majority of women believe that an old age group of women cannot be raped. Girls and women of all classes, age, race, sexuality, ability, faith, and culture are victims of rape. Attractiveness contributes little to most rape cases. Researches indicate that the way targeted women dress or act have different impressions on anyone, not rapists alone. Rapists target a woman because of their vulnerability rather than their physical appearance.  

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Mythevery person understands that when a woman says no, she means yes. In most cases, women contribute for rape.

Fact: Rape is humiliating, terrifying, and violent experience not desired by any woman or asked for. Legally, an individual has the right to decide whether he or she will have sex, at any level of sexual contact. If a sexual partner does not stop when his or her partner says no, it is termed as rape. If an individual has had sex with that partner before, or in a relationship, it does not mean that a partner cannot rape the other. There should be consent every time partners are involved in sexual contact because sex with no consent is an assault (King, 2012).
Describe some of the pedophiles and discuss how society should handle them once they are caught.

Pedophiles are regarded as individuals whose feelings are primarily attracted to babies, inclusive of their sense of sex. Such people are attracted to having sex with children, as an essential individual value that they regard as an important part of themselves. Pedophiles are found everywhere. They are female and male, men of 50 years and women of 25 years, thin people and fat people, small and big, unfriendly and friendly. A pedophile feels an opposite sex attraction to children of different sex or even both sexes. The society must punish such people if they are caught (King, 2012).

The Use of Condom

In a traditional sense, condoms are used to prevent the male sperm from reaching and fertilizing the female egg. The physical barrier created by the condom makes sure that pregnancy does not take place. Even though it is made of a thin latex polyurethane or rubber, condoms meant for men have a lubricant and spermicidal that damages or destroys the sperms. However, for an effective use of a condom, the penis should not touch the female vagina before placing a condom, because, men do not necessarily ejaculate to produce sperms: sperms can be produced even before ejaculation. Experts argue that condoms prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. It is essential to keep in mind that oral sex can transmit sexual infections or diseases. In addition, when an individual uses a condom, he must put it in the right way before making any sexual contact, and remove it quickly after ejaculation (King, 2012).

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If an individual is not confident to use a condom, he should practice when he is alone. This will help him to get used to wearing it and ejaculating. At the same time, a person can ask a friend or a sexual health clinician to show him how to wear a condom. People are advised not to use more than one condom at once, or a female condom and a male condom together, because this will reduce their effectiveness. In addition, an individual must make sure that a packet of the condom has a CE mark on it. This mark confirms that the condom has been tested to the highest safety standard. People are not supposed to use condoms that do not have the mark because they do not meet the required standards. 

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