Custom «Human Trafficking» Sample Essay

Custom «Human Trafficking» Sample Essay


Human trafficking is a form of slavery that has become so rampant in the modern era. Even though slavery is thought to be a thing of the past, it still keeps its roots deep in the life of the modern man. Human trafficking is, therefore, a modern form of slavery where some selected individuals benefit and profit from controlling and exploiting others. Human traffickers use different tactics like fraud, force or coercion to control their victims mainly engaging them in commercial sex or forcefully providing them with labor against their will.

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Around the globe, millions of people are living as slaves in countries far away from their homes. Many are forced to work in plantations and factories under the watch of heartless employers who use violence to threaten them from escaping. Others work as maids or house helps for families who virtually keep them imprisoned in their homes. Most of the modern slaves are into prostitution so as to earn their daily quotas as stipulated by their masters, failure to which they suffer dire consequences. The victims are men, women and children of all ages. Government intervention through implementation of new strict policies to eradicate poverty and end corruption seems to be the only best way to help stop this recurrent problem. Reaching out to the victims through other reformed victims who have been in the same position is also a good way to help curb the problem (Maul).


Human trafficking, commonly referred to as modern slavery, is an organized form of crime that is currently very common all around the world (Batstone). It is a trade that is very lucrative, providing ruthless employers around the globe with a continuous supply of peope whom they hold in bondage and abuse for financial gains. It is currently estimated that the global profits from this trade are up to $150 billion annually; the high-profit margin and the low risks involved in this trade are the forces that are driving the spread of human trafficking. Statistics from The International Labour Organization depict that there are an estimated 20.9 million victims of human trafficking around the world and more than 5.5 million who comprise of only children; women and girls make up 55% of this number (Andrees).

Many international organizations have been established to try and curb this prevalent issue with no success, and the problem continues to escalate. With no luck, governments have tried to cooperate to secure their ports and other entry points to their countries to prevent it. Other organizations have been formed to empower the victims of the illegal trade, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears as the problem keeps escalating.

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Among the many reasons why previous attempts to end this problem have failed mostly lies in corruption. Since the trade is extremely profitable, the perpetrators can pay off security officers to clear their ‘goods’ at the ports and the different entry points to any country. The security officers usually give in because of their meagre salaries. This fact makes poverty another major issue that has made these previous attempts to fail. The victims themselves are lured into slavery because they are promised of greener pastures that turn out not to be the case (Free the Slaves). Former attempts have greatly failed because more attention has been given to the organizations other than the victims themselves.

However, there are ways that governments can use to flush out corrupt officials who greatly perppetrate this illegal trade. Coming up with enquiries that can thoroughly scrutinize the officials involved with the movement of people and goods outside a country can be a good way to stop the corrupt officials. Another way is through coming up with educational institutions where the public can be educated about human trafficking and the consequences it entails. Many people fall victims because of the lack of knowledge, while giving them this information can greatly help eradicate the problem. Since many victims of modern slavery fall for it because of poverty, creation of employment can help alleviate the problem as many people will have something to do and earn their living. Finally, humanitarian organizations, like the United Nations, should use former human trafficking victims as ambassadors to teach other possible victims on how they can escape the trap of the traffickers and how they can expose them so as to save more victims (MTV Exit: End Exploitation and Trafficking ).


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Among the contemporary issues currently facing the modern world, human trafficking is at the top of the list. It has become a global problem attracting the attention of governments all over the world. The victims of this illegal trade are rising with every passing day; families are being shattered, legitimate economies are being weakened, violence is uprising, and the safety and health of the public are being threatened. The social fabric that allows progress and development in the society is being shredded by the growth of this issue. It is only through the experience of a former victim that other people, who may fall victims, can learn how to deal with the issue when it faces them. It everybody’s responsibility to help end this problem as every person is entitled to live and work in safety and with dignity.

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