Custom «Massive Breach of Privacy in the U.S.A» Sample Essay

Custom «Massive Breach of Privacy in the U.S.A» Sample Essay

One of the established telephone companies in America was requisite to avail its call records to the United States government by an undisclosed court command. The Guardian a British newspaper in print a duplicate of the court order enlightening that the Verizon Corporation be obliged to hand over telephone records of its more than 121 million domestic clients. This means that being a Verizon customer, the National Security Agency (NSA) whose nerve center are based in Maryland knows your identity, the person you are talking to and the duration of your call. This spying dates back after the 9/11 attacks during the Bush administration.

The top secret program was uncovered in 2006 and the subsequent year Congress approved the program under the regulation of an exceptional court order, the FISA court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, liable for the secret order disclosed recently. It is the first we have seen that the Obama government is ongoing this Bush administration carry out on such an immense degree. This information has been shared across facebook, twitter and posts on various TV stations. They are all effective in relaying information.

In a globe where populace knowingly share personal information on facebook and other social sites like twitter, Google+ etc., what offense is there in collecting information for the purpose of national security? If the pursuance of terrorists and minimization of future disasters necessitates the gathering of this kind of data, then we should not protest about the government accessing this data, but relatively call for healthier ways to process it in a more competent way and make certain that this virtual loss of confidentiality is not in useless. There should be more stringent measures to access this data and not open to anybody. This exposure should be openly received by US authorities as a method of developing a healthy discussion on how to strengthen the national security by restricting the access of this information to few responsible individuals.

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