Custom «Midterm Question» Sample Essay

Custom «Midterm Question» Sample Essay

Aspects of Perception in Close Relationships

There are various aspects of perception that have significant influence on interpreting events in close relationships, which include presence of peer groups, depth of peer relationships, and heterosexual relationships.

Presence of Peer Groups

Peer groups refer to people who have a significant impact on one’s decision-making process. They may be one’s age-mates, class-mates or even work-mates who have some degree of expectations towards one’s participation in an activity (Fletcher et al., 2001). This makes people focus ideas towards a certain issue, which may alter the way one interprets an event. If the peer’s perspective about a certain event is positive, then they tend to drive one’s views towards the good side of the event; if the peers show dissatisfaction, then one will have negative attitudes towards the event (Nelson et al., 1991).

Depth of Peer Relationships

This dictates the level of attention one will have to pay towards the views of his\her friends and other people who have significant influence on one’s decision-making. If the relationship between one and his peers is of a great magnitude, then one tends to pay more attention to the perspectives of the peers; hence this would affect how one sees a certain issue. If the relationship is not so close, then views of the peers would have less impact on how one would interpret an event since even their views might be ignored or regarded as being based on personal interests (Fiske & Taylor, 1984).

Heterosexual Relationships

The difference in sex affects the way people’s perspectives would impact one’s point of view. People from opposite sex would be paid more attention to, and their perspectives would determine how one builds an attitude towards an event. If they are impressed by a particular event, one would start building a good attitude towards the event; if they point out various negative issues, it directs one’s views towards the failure of the event as a whole (Fletcher & Simpson, 2000).

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