Custom «Multicultural London Assignment» Sample Essay

Custom «Multicultural London Assignment» Sample Essay

Question 1:

According to Nail Ferguson, numerous changes were likely to occur in the peaceful world, London. One of them was the great upheavals. Differences had started showing up and one notable one was the flouting of the international commercial rights that coincided with the inseparable native economic and personal liberties. The African slaves did not receive better treatment from the Britons. The other things that were bound to cause trouble to the Great Britain included terrible struggles, wars, and tremendous invasion. In fact, Winston Churchill could capably save the British Empire, but it was impossible due to the subsequent upheavals and the traditional accounts of decolonization to the nationalist movements with the colonies. This began with Sinn Fein in Ireland to India’s Congress. However, the end of the empire was considered as a success for the “freedom fighters” that fought tirelessly to ease their people off the yoke of colonialists. Prior to World War I, differences that emerged pushed the British Empire further apart because of several upheavals in numerous parts that were British colonies including some parts of Japan and East Africa. The above are some of the reasons that led to the downfall of the British Empire in most parts of the world and in London.

Question 2:

Ferguson offers numerous accounts leading to this enthusiasm to fight for Britain on the part of colonized people. Ferguson says that a third of the troops that Britain raised during the World War I contributed significantly. One of the notable contributions came from the furthest flung colonies of all. New Zealand played a significant role since they sent one hundred thousand men and women. A tenth of the entire population were women who assisted as nurses overseas. Additionally, the Scottish born, Andrew Fisher who was the leader of Australian Labor Party gave a promise of support following the outbreak of the war He pledged to spend his last shillings in defending the mother country. There was also the initial rush of the Australian volunteers that also offered tremendous support was impressive. On this account, I entirely agree with Ferguson since there were numerous supports from the Australian population in assisting the mother country.   
Question 3:

Eventually, the act of British sacrificing her Empire was instrumental in stopping Italians, Germans, and Japanese from keeping theirs. These sacrifices played an essential role in ensuring that the whole process became successful. Ferguson states that this was the finest hour of the British Empire. I agree with him since the process was successful and played a crucial role in ensuring that the British Empire had done the right thing. The sacrifices were extremely important because the squad offered by Hitler could have played no essential role in the whole process.

Question 4:

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Numerous reasons contributed to the acceptance of the immigrants from countries such as Italy and Poland. One of the major reasons for such an acceptance was because the Foreign Labor Committee needed to plunge in the labor gap. Numerous jobs of roughly one million were available and they needed to offer it to the immigrants. Italians came as bricklayers and chefs and this made other immigrants feel at home because the huge clay fields around Bedford needed their help. Some also came as cobblers to work in the leather industries to make shoes. The Italians also came with a busy culinary supply train. In fact, the economy required workers from outside and not the people from the community or dependants.

Question 5:

Numerous things happened when the British government tried to limit immigration in the early 1960s. One of them was that the national guilty conscience pricked into tetchy life. The British government had all along founded their forrtunes on the huge dislocation of the colonial rule. Immigration contributed to several people from the West Indies being considered as problems. It also contributed to racism in numerous parts of Britain. This immigration caused frictions since the British people believed that the immigrants were only in the country for their wages. In the 1960s, and this was characterized by intense political hostility led to the culmination of a historic Act of Parliament.

Question 6:

Muslim immigrants from Pakistan were different since their rural recruits lined up to decline British industries as factory fodder, sometimes by local agents. Another issue was that the Muslims were interested in clinging to their culture that they brought along with them. The Britons could not accept it and they made empty promises to the Muslims. Another problem was that the Muslims had their own domestic life, of a domineering force, fondness to drinking among others. To cope with the devastating situations, they were not slow to effect quick changes in the urban landscape. They built their Asian owned corner shops and their communities collectively ventured into businesses and were willing to assist others.

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Question 7:

Kimlicka is unambiguous in his commitment to moral individualism. He believes that the ethnic groups have the right to claim to minority rights. They should claim the “polyethnic rights.” Elimination of all forms of discrimination and prejudice is equally essential. Citizens or minorities should not put their interest at stake and the must exercise their moral rights. Kimlicka asserts that at one level, moral individualism is bigger than the acceptance of the consideration that evaluative judgments ultimately focuses on what contributes to the quality of human life. Certainly, numerous minority rights Kymlicka defends such as language and self-government rights are essential to individuals in all settings. 

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