Custom «Occupy Wall Street Movement» Sample Essay

Custom «Occupy Wall Street Movement» Sample Essay

Occupy Wall Street movement begun in September 2011 as essential social activities that challenged the growing disparity in social economy. The movement protested against the policies of institutions that emerged after the international economic problems that occurred in America in 2008. It started in New York and later moved across America and some world capitals. The movement’s participants put up cities made of tents, arranged for mass street protest for social justice, and occupied all the public areas in America. The leaders of Occupy motivated the majority of Americans to join the activities and promote space for a broader discussion regarding socioeconomic disparity (Writers for the 99% 2011).

Occupy Wall Street is a fog bank than a map spot. No one can exactly tell its origin and its end because it is something that just happened suddenly and for a short time. However, we should acknowledge various important implications regarding the mysterious protests that set up camps next to Wall Street. This tent was used as a center of communication with other participants from other cities and around the world. First, the leaders of the movement did not present themselves as leaders. The movement had a confusing structure whose meetings were unfruitful. However, despite of all this, the movement’s primary goal was to have a popular influence over the plutocrats, who had taken over control of the American economy, who unfazed and unpunished, lobby successfully and incessantly for their own benefits (Writers for the 99%. (2011).

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Second, the position of the movement hugely matched United States sentiments. In most cases, the nation takes issue with reckless and flamboyant tactics of the movement in conjunction with some of the movement’s side concern. Nevertheless, it has been shown by polls in a consistent manner that measures such as progressive curbs and taxation on politics are always taken over by issues of finance. The majority of the movement participants had supported this anonymously. However, the government cautioned the movement not to protest for excesses as long as injustice and economic issues are spread widely (Lo & MacKinlay, 2010).

Third, Occupy Wall Street movement implication is that it really worked during the period when its activities hit the media headlines. In varius towns, the participants of the movement managed to protest successfully against evictions, unjust foreclosures, and foreclosure auctions. Finally, the movement also made some coordinating national plans activities. The movement’s participants had been trained to demonstrate peacefully but not with violence. Some of whom are institutions shareholders, crashed a meeting in San Francisco. Similarly, another group disrupted a meeting of the Bank of America and claimed that the bank had jilted millions of house owners and it had to face the full law like any criminal activity. They filed a petition against the American bank claiming that it should be closed until the issue is resolved. (Writers for the 99%, 2011).

On a weekly basis the members of the movement held a dozen conference calls as a way of coordinating their activities. In April, they were to protest against nontraditional type of indenture, as well as disobedience. On the first day of May, it was a mobilization day. Thousands of protestors including immigrants and labor gathered for big rallies. A small direct activity disrupted normal life features and traffic around the city of Francisco, New York and even in some other parts (Lo & MacKinlay, 2010).

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The protestors were sarcastic as with their slogan in the streets as they referred to the movement as just a general strike. Police confrontation with its activities brought the country’s business to a standstill. Nevertheless, it is likely that press discovered that the activities has not been defunct but dormant. Despite the fumbling and the division of the movement, it left an imprint on the economy of America. Without this movement, it is possible that 55 percent shareholder of Citigroup would revolt against the millions bundle of pay that Citigroup’s committee of compensation intended to tender. In addition, if it were not for this movement, the New York Times would have news regarding that revolt. However, Occupy motivated Barack Obama to win his presidential campaign via the tactic of unfurling banners populists against 1% of Mitt Romney (Writers for the 99%, 2011).

Leaders of Occupy Wall Street movement encouraged its members to promote intelligent and broadly more than 99% to renew the momentum of the United States politics. It was the duty of the multitude and the acumen to make sure that the movemennt pays off. Currently, the movement is vestigial and seems scattered. It cannot put together any change in the present race to the white house. Its number of activities has reduced. Moreover, it does not have a lasting organization. It also lacks a strong tendons network that connects large-scale activities around America. Occupy Wall Street movement does not have a central message of politics. It has remained without leaders and its meaning widely depend on region by region, and city by city. Against for the country’s struggle for quadrennial polls, the movement impact and membership has reduced (Lo & MacKinlay, 2010).

The banks of Wall Street did not feel the effects of the movement to a point that they regarded the protestors as a nuisance and added security expenditure. Although the activities encouraged bank customers to shift their savings to smaller financial institutions, and banks of the community, the majority of the customers did not do that. Perhaps the biggest success of the movement is its decision by big banks like the bank of America to implement plans to renew the added debit card user’s fee. The movement also created some awareness to the banks practices of foreclosure. Furthermore, it successfully filled a petition to maintain several struggling loan borrowers indoors (Lo & MacKinlay, 2010).

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Several columnist points out that Occupy Wall Street movement problem IS that it had an intentional vague mission. The leaders of the activities did not want to be acknowledged as leaders because they did not want to be a label or a political party such as the tea party. However, the movement that happened suddenly fell off in 2011. Moreover, no one even remembers its popularity (Writers for the 99%, 2011).

The central mission of the movement was to urge the authorities to handle income disparity. They considered this a national crisis because it had grown with a higher rate not witnessed before. Ethan Kaplan and Arindajid Dube studied and focused on the economic disparity in the movement. They indicated that disparity had dramatically grown in America over 40 years. Therefore, it was normal to account for social activities that focus on redistribution. Greater American disparity reflects and exacerbates reasons why it is very hard for low-income earners to mobilize on their personal interests (Van, 2011).

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