Custom «Personnel Administration» Sample Essay

Custom «Personnel Administration» Sample Essay

Case 2.3

Q.1 Considerations in Forming a Committee

To achieve the goal, the chosen committee should have the qualities appropriate for fulfilling the task. Therefore, Susan should choose members who are committed to their job. This quality will ensure that the promises will be kept, which will strengthen the decision making power of the group.

Chosen members should be responsible since they will act as a guiding force to the whole district. Thus, the committee will take the initiative to ensure that all goals are met. Impartiality of the members plays a big role in avoiding personal prejudice practice or biased judgments. An open-minded group will ensure that no ideas for the district’s advantage are limited due to selfishness or biases. Susan should also incorporate people of various qualifications in her committee. It will ensure diversity among the board members paving the way to correct deliberations and decisions sourced from the various fields. Integrity is vital when it comes to handling difficult situations that require ethical reasoning. The members should have firm stands and argue cases on principles.

Q. 2 Committee Agenda

The committee should make sure that human resource required by the district is well-provided. Therefore, a research on the current operation and system of the schools in the district is essential. To make long-term decisions that will be accepted, all school units need to be involved and informed of the possible changes in policy, and the importance of these policies to the organization.

Q. 3 Policy Areas to Be Reviewed in Preparation for Making Policy Recommendation to the Board

The committee needs to review the personnel recruitment and staffing areas, students support services available in the district, school administration policy area, facilities, and equipment area.

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