Custom «Pizza» Sample Essay

Custom «Pizza» Sample Essay

Pizzeria Bianco makes the best pizza in the U.S. Chris Bianco, the founder, initially opened this pizzeria in 1987 inside a grocery store situated in central Phoenix. Chris Bianco moved the business severally in search of a better working environment before finding a permanent location in Heritage Square, in 1996.

Chris Bianco’s idea was inspired by interest when he was very young. Chris was born in Bronx and later relocated to Ossining, where he grew up. Chris was asthmatic and because of this he was forced to stay indoors with his aunt, whose passion was cooking. Thus, he spent most of his time watching her cook. Interest grew in the young man, which later earned him employment at a local pizzeria. In 1985, Chris Bianco won a plane ticket to Phoenix, where he started some business of making mozzarella in his apartment and selling it to the nearby Italian restaurants. Due to his good work, a specialty grocer offered Bianco an opportunity to use the corner of his store for making and selling pizzas. The popularity of the business brought an assurance to Chris that he can make a living by selling pizza. To improve on his skills, Bianco enrolled for classes in Italy from 1993-1994. In 1994, he returned to Phoenix and opened Pizzeria Bianco at the shopping center before moving to Heritage Square in Phoenix City, Arizona State.

Pizzeria Bianco is a small formation, and reservations are taken for less than ten parties. The other guests are served according to the first come first served criteria, which results in a long queue. Sometimes it may take one almost four hours to be served. Therefore, this poses a challenge to the business and disappointment to the new guests. Pizzeria Bianco does not provides deliveries or take-outs. 

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