Custom «Quantitative Critique» Sample Essay

Custom «Quantitative Critique» Sample Essay

The research problem is to investigate the intergenerational point of view of the work climate. The article explains and contrast work climate opinions and objectives of quitting among three generations of healthcare staff. The article emphasizes that learning to appreciate the different opinions, appreciating the strengths, and giving value to the different generations can enable individuals to shape creative, flexible, and consistent work groups. The problem is difficult to locate since it involves a quantitative study of all hospital workers employed in a university associated health care center in the province of Quebec, Canada.

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The research is very crucial to the nursing profession because it shows the adaptability of nurses and the challenges they face. The research emphasizes on the causes of the scarcity of nurses and other healthcare professionals. In addition, it concerns the recruitment of nurses and healthcare workers, retaining of the workforce and reducing their intentions to quit. The research gives result on the issues facing the nurses and suggests possible solutions. For instance, nursing is a stressful job and the working terms and conditions may lead to tiredness, fatigue, and job dissatisfaction. The research outlines the challenges and facilitates the reation and adoption of possible solutions. The solutions, as suggested, are to maintain the nurses in their workstations and to promote good working conditions and management of nurses.

The report has formally presented its statement of purpose that is to compare the intention to quit among the three generations. It furthers describes the research conducted and the questions asked. The report goes further to reveal the total number of people that were included in the research and those rejected due to different reasons. However, the information is not clearly communicated and is not too precise since it involves doing a research on a sample of people. Moreover, the rejected participants were not considered in the general report, which makes the given the information imprecise.

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The research questions serve the purpose since the questions are precise and to the point. For instance, a question of age is so direct and requires no thinking because it is a fact. The questions have the key concept which makes it easy for the participant to answer appropriately. An example is the main question which was asking the intention to quit or stay in the organization. Moreover, the verbs are used appropriately to suggest the nature of the inquiry.

Inn the research, there is no formal hypothesis but the reason is so justified for the research was in a particular hospital. The managers were given the questionnaires and they distributed them to the staff hence there was no need for any hypothesis. Furthermore, the organization’s review board approved the study. The statistical tests were used in the data analysis although there was the absence of the hypothesis. The statistical tests included evaluating the difference in age groups was conducted in order to categorize the participants.

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Additionally, the hypothesis flow from a previous research was used for the scales which act as dependent variables are related multivariate analyses of variance was used. The analysis helped in making some predictions that were so similar to the research. The hypothesis was properly worded and predicted relationship between two variables was stated. For example, the first one way MANOVA was conducted to compare the intention to quit among each of the work climate scales. The prerequisites for the analysis were met and the significant differences were found between the two intents (to quit or stay) groups of the dependent measures. The hypothesis is presented as research since all the statistical tests were used, further making the study a full-fledged research.

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