Custom «Reading Log No.8» Sample Essay

Custom «Reading Log No.8» Sample Essay

It is undeniable that the western media’s distortion of Asia and its people has been decried very often. In a nutshell, the misrepresentation of Asia is often centered around cheapening and sexualizing Asian women and at the same time dismissing and desexualizing Asian men. For instance, women from Asia are depicted as symbols of feminine oppression and militancy in a majority of western media. Renowned media outlets continue to portray women from Asia as people who are bound by resilient chains patriarchal and religious oppression. Their male counterparts on the other hand are depicted as symbols of terrorism.

There are numerous evidences that indicate that a majority of western media organizations specifically dump negative information and news materials when disseminating, communicating and reporting anything concerning Asia. With the stroke of a pen, the Asian, her descendants, and her continent are pejoratively reduced to nothing (Singh 2003). This subliminal message, which is sometimes beamed to a universal television audience, connotes something bad, loathing, unworthiness, perennial problematic, etc. On the other hand, nothing or little is said about Asia’s strategic importance to these western nations, her relevance and indispensability to global technology and contribution to world development (Asian American Issues 2008).

Why this unrelenting assault on Asia, her people, phenotype and culture? One cited factor is the history of war against Asian countries, xenophobia, sexual rivalry, economic scapegoat, and simple ignorance. Other analysts see the hand of worried businessmen who are seeking economic advantage by portray their Asian counterparts as inferior competitors, and therefore, unworthy of trust, investment or patronage (Asian American Issues 2008). Despite the contested imagery of Asia in the western media, it has nonetheless arched out its own discursive space in representing and mediating its social, cultural, and ethnic diversity globally. The growing number of media outlets in Asia created by, and for Asians showcases the inherent heterogeneity of people from Asia around the world.

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