Custom «Reflection Paper on the Writing Process» Sample Essay

Custom «Reflection Paper on the Writing Process» Sample Essay

  1. Topic: Reflection Paper on the Writing Process
  2. Thesis Statement: This outline will act as a guide to perfect writing practices. It highlights the five main stages of writing that turn individuals into competent writers. Indeed, great writing skills solely depend on an individual’s motivation, attitude and arrangement. It will, therefore, seek to prove that the writing process entails teaching individuals how to creatively develop articles that fit writing standards.
  3. Main Body: Stages of the Writing Process
    1. Prewriting
      1. Inspiration and ideas: Individuals should pick a topic worth writing and consider their audience. They should also consider brainstorming for more ideas about the chosen subject.
      2. Idea buildup: This step entails initial drafting, further brainstorming, and free writing.
      3. Writing Structure and Planning: Involves deciding on the most essential ideas and pinning them up together in such that they take the form of an orderly, logical and gradual progression.
    2. Writing
      1. Rough Copy: This stage requires that individuals use a lot of energy and concentration. One should overlook grammar, spelling, word-count and punctuation.
      2. Fine-Tuning: Involves light reading to determine the article’s order. This sub-stage prepares the writer for the revision stage.
    3. Revising
      1. Adding: Involves going through the article and making adjustments to meet the needed word count.
      2. Rearranging: Involves sentence and paragraph reordering to attain the smooth flow of ideas.
      3. Removing: Involves the removal of excessive of non-essential paragraphs and sentence.
    4. Editing
      1. Editing and Rewriting: Entails the intensive inspection of words, sentences and paragraphs to attain perfection.
    5. Publishing and Sharing
      1. This stage depends on the type of article an individual has been working on. For instance, students should focus on producing fine copies that take the correct academic format.
      2. It also involves adding bibliographies, title pages, in-text citations, and page numbers.


  1. Conclusion

The above highlighted five levels of writing offer the perfect framework for excellent and effective writing.

This process entails teaching individuals how to develop creative articles that fit writing standards.

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