Custom «Research Journals» Sample Essay

Custom «Research Journals» Sample Essay

“Tricks of the Television Trade.” People 15 Sep. 1997. Television Programs. Web. 18 June 2013.

The main topic of this article is the stunts that prime time television does between 1997 and 1998. The article speaks of how the television broadcasters plan for the premiere of a program and how they plan on getting audiences to view the programs. The article focuses on the premiere of new episodes in an existing series and how they get audiences back to view the shows. ER show is viewed to be the boldest high-wire act on television. The show first premiered on September 25th at 10 PM ET on NBC. This was one of the shows that employed stunts during the season. Other shows include The Drew Carey Show and Frasier that were set in Cleveland and Seattle respectively. The stunt used was including scenes in the shows that were actually shot in locations that the shows were set in. Other gimmicks used include cross-pollinating the shows. This is seen when “Touched by an Angel's Sept. 21 episode concludes four nights later on Promised Land” (Par. 1).

Chicago Hope concluded with the characters in the show performing a musical that was inspired by Bob Fosse's 1979 film All That Jazz. Other gimmicks are also employed so the producers can get people to watch an old show. A good example is Hope that is in its fourth season. The aging series are left to have reruns all summer so that a new thing is premiered when people get back. Stunts in the shows are another method that is used to bring the actors back. They are termed by NBC spokesman Paul McGuire, as "the currency of the business" (Par. 2). The show Diagnosis: Murder's has a September 18th opener and seeks to resurrect former cop-show stars Fred Dryer (Hunter) and Angie Dickinson (Police Woman).

This article helps explain how the viewing times among the American audience can be influenced by the witty antics of the producers. A properly timed premiere of a show is bound to attact more audience. A much hyped premiere will also invite more views. A repetition of characters in a show that had experienced success in another show will also attract more views they intrigued people from the beginning.

Shay, Christina M. “Television-Viewing Time and Dietary Quality among U.S. Children and Adults.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 43.2 (2012): 196-200. Web. 18 June 2013.

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The article highlights studies that have been done about television-viewing and the Dietary Quality among U.S. Children and Adults. Very few studies have been done to establish this relation because most studies have focused on energy intake or intake of specific foods. The author explains that the overall dietary quality is important to health and weight status. A study was done to establish the relation between 2003 and 2006. The dietary quality was measured using a Healthy Eating Index. The television watching was ranked into low, which was equal or less than one hour, moderate watching that was between two to three hours and high that was more or equal to four hours. All factors were taken into consideration, and a multivariate linear regression model was adopted in drawing conclusions. Lower television viewing time was associated with a healthy diet across all age groups and all genders. People who spent most of their time watching television had a poor diet quality. The research draws the conclusion that, “less time spent watching TV was associated with better diet quality in U.S. children and adults” (Par. 1).

This improves the research paper in that people need to have a sense of regulation so they can enjoy better dietary quality. The television viewing time among all ages and gender should be reduced so the diet of the viewers is improved. More television watching time means that people will neglect what they consume and indulge in junk food. According to Shay, this poor diet will be associated with the number of hours a person will watch television continuously.

“Television Watching and Sit Time.&rdquuo; Harvard School of Public Health. The Screen Looms Large in the Obesity Epidemic. Web. 17 June. 2013.

The article explains how watching television as a past time has led to an increase in obesity cases in the US. The author explains that “after work and sleep, TV viewing is the most commonly reported activity in the U.S., taking up just over half of all leisure time” (Par. 1). The time taken by television viewing is equal or more than five hours in a day. People refer to watching television as the time to “rest and unwind”. It is often referred to as “sit time”. This time leads to an increase in obesity across the country and all around the world. Television watching is a major contributor to the sedentary activities that people are engaged in each day. Rather than exercise to shed a few calories people prefer to just sit and watch television. Sit time also contributes to poor dietary choices because most of the promoters of junk foods use television in advertising. People are also too lazy to fix themselves healthy meals.

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This article has contributed greatly to the establishment of the relationship between television watching and the health of a person. Many parents are encouraged to limit the number of hours that their teen and children watch television to lower than two hours a day (par. 2). This is seen to improve their creativity and also increase their health by engaging in other activities. The number of hours that a person spends on sit time can be related to the level of his or her health. This sedentary lifestyle has been contributed to by television watching.

As a conclusion, all the three articles reviewed show negative effects of watching television for extended periods. Although producers may use various gimmicks to draw audiences, watching TV for long contributes negatively to the lives of the viewers. The viewers may engage in poor quality dietary habits. They eat food lacking essential nutrients to save time to watch TV. It also leads to obesity attributable to the sedentary lifestyle adopted by the viewers.

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