Custom «Research Proposal» Sample Essay

Custom «Research Proposal» Sample Essay

As a topic for my research, I have chosen to focus on the need of the young people to learn the stories of the past. All the nations of the world have their own past and present. It has been considered significant to discover the way of life of one’s ancestors from the earliest times. The interest of the history is scarсely to be explained only by human curiosity. The matter is that a person is a product of historical development that goes through certain changes and advances over time. This made me curious about the importance of the learning the stories of the past for the young people, who form the separate community of people with their own interests. They are starting to perceive themselves as separate individuals and strive for success. At this age, people gain valuable experience which can be of service to them in the future.

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Many scientists researched the importance of the teaching of local history in schools in terms of the history curriculum. Local history has gained popularity due to the debates on modernization and globalization. In the United States, local history has been incorporated into the curricula for history and social studies almost at every level. According to Aktekin (2009), studying local history helps become aware of various asects of historical development of the world, in which people live (p. 90). Hawkey emphasizes that local history addresses a number of goals: connecting the present and the past, motivating students, establishing the origins and identity of the students (Aktekin, 2009, p. 90). Moreover, the studying of history can be useful because it helps break the barriers which exist between school and the external world, relates history with other school subjects, forms the understanding of the community and surrounding environment, develops the sense of identity (Aktekin, 2009, pp.. 91-94).

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Stearns (1998) insists that studying history is essential to individuals and the whole society. The author states that history is useful for understanding societies and people because it provides information about their behavior. The present is caused by the past. Thus, history offers the  explanation of various changes in the social development, their reasons and consequences. The main justification for placing history in school curricula is its usefulness for good citizenship. Stearns (1998) provides a list of skills, which could be developed with the help of history learning. They include the ability to estimate evidences, contradictory interpretations, and examples of changes in the past.

The significance of history was studied in the context of religion, too. Thus, Garrone (1984) states that history plays a crucial role in the shaping of a man (p. 321). The author considers history as a tool of forming the point, through which general knowledge can be inserted into the reality (p. 322).

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Based on my current research, my working thesis lies in the fact that the young people should learn the stories of the past in order to develop useful social skills and form the model of future development of the society. Despite the fact that some young people ignore the history, it is necessary for human self-knowledge. It is important for a person to gain self-awareness and knowledge of the human nature, to study important lessons of history. Living without history means to live without some sort of memory. Without history, individuals, families, tribes and nations have no origins, no past, until the present is deprived of its basis and sense. However, there are a number of areas, which I will need to investigate further in preparation for my paper. It is crucial to understand the attitude of the young people to the history of their country and the world. Moreover, the methods and forms of learning history which can be the most useful are relevant to my research, too.

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