Custom «Sandy Hook Elementary» Sample Essay

Custom «Sandy Hook Elementary» Sample Essay


Critical occurrences are events that draw widespread attention and can shake a nation or community. These occurrences are usually tragic and traumatic because they threaten the trust bonds that put communities together. They result to destructions and death. These events shake people’s expectations, generate grief and fear because they unfold unexpectedly, and they involve unique and new targets and methods. These events usually lead to serious concerns in the society, and they can lead to changes in public policies, opinions and values. However, they may also positively initiate historic repercussions (Carter, Kang & Taggart, 2009). 

Consequently, critical incident analysis model assists the people of the affected nation or community to learn different ways of dealing with unusual events. This analytical model helps people to realize the potential of collectively and individually predicting and interpreting responses. The model is an analytical strategy of helping individuals to acknowledge, negotiate and predict significant events.

Models are devices that enhance communication, generate new arguments and establish a ground that is common to all interested parties. For each critical event, there is always a lesson to learn, especially for the coming generations. These lessons broaden individuals’ thinking capacities and give them directions. However, the current critical incident analysis model provides a simple way of generating effective and creative initiatives. These initiatives help the nation to succeed in management and mitigation of the unfavorable events in the future (Carter, Kang & Taggart, 2009). Sandy Hook Elementary shooting can be analyzed using the current critical incident analysis model. Teachers, students, parents the media can use the model to predict, solve and mitigate incidents of such nature in the future.


Major Mental Illnesses

America is one of the countries with less mentally sick citizens. Nevertheless, the government does not pay much attention to the well-being of mentally ill persons. Any intention made to help people with mental disorders has always failed. Mentally sick people are left to scatter on the streets without proper treatment or supervision. What is more distressing is that some of the mentally ill persons own guns, some legal and others illegal. In addition, when the mentally ill are not protected and cared for, they end up shooting preying on their families, friends and fellow citizens (McEnteer, 2006).

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Violent Role Models

Some of the movies and TV programs that Americans watch on the news, on the street and in cinemas seem to promote violent actions. Some people choose to associate with their role model in the movies. They practice how their role models do: either by shooting or maiming others. Such individuals believe that by doing so, they will have exercised their potential to act just like their role models. With them, shooting their fellow Americans is like a heroic feat, an exercise that can generate the attention they ostensibly warrant (McEnteer, 2006).


The majority of Americans have access to drugs. Since drugs are mostly linked with crime, it is common knowledge that armed violators blame their misdeeds on drugs. Unless the government implements rules and laws to ban the use of drugs, gun shooting under the influence of drugs will continue. 

Access to Guns

Availability and access to cheap guns is the major factor that contributes most of the shooting that America has witnessed so far. The government appears to have relaxed the control, possession, and use of guns by not effecting measures to curb misuse and proliferation of weapons.  Anyone is allowed to own a gun for as long as they can afford. Children from rich families carry guns to school, and some end up shooting their schoolmates. American laws seemingly do not specify who should be armed. Therefore, a dangerous person is able to possess multiple guns and can shoot others at will and during their evil missions (McEnteer, 2006).

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Bullying and Revenge

America has many citizens who are fond of bullying others. Bullying rate has grown drastically and has gone out of the government’s control. Everyone wants to victimize and bully others only to be seen as the heroes. Moreover, when young boys are bullied, they only think of revenge. Because the laws allow them to possess guns, they usually turn the tables back on the bullies by shooting them (McEnteer, 2006).


Associated and national media channels have analyzed news connected to the school shooting and concluded that it had falsified and mistaken some information. For example, the media initially identified the victim as Ryan Lanza instead of Adam Lanza. This remained unclear until after some days when the authorities corrected the narrative. The authorities revealed that the victim was Adam Lanza but not Ryan Lanza. This confusion was attributed by the fact that, the perpetrator was carrying his brother’s identification card at the time of the shooting (Muschert & Sumiala, 2012).

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In addition, various media channels identified and reported the place where the mother of the perpetrator died to be her home while others said she died at the school. However, after some days, it was revealed by the authorities that Nancy Lanza was shot in her house. Second, the report that Nancy Lanza was connected to the Sandy Hook Elementary killings was also questionable. A section of the media referred to her as a part-time teacher while others described her as a teacher. Nevertheless, according to the school’s administration, Nancy Lanza was not a teacher at the school at any time. Investigations were made to identify any relationship between Sandy Hook Elementary school and Nancy (Muschert & Sumiala, 2012).

Moreover, Adam Lanza’s clothing description was also very different in various media outlets. Some channels indicated that the victim had dressed black paramilitary outfit while others indicated that he had camouflaging outfit. Another center of the discussion was on the weapons used by the perpetrator. Media listed different types of pistols. Some indicated that he had a Sig Sauer while others said it was a Glock. Nevertheless, the media was not clear in their coverage; if the weapon was used in the killings or whether it was left in the victim’s car (Muschert & Sumiala, 2012).

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