Custom «Top Secret America» Sample Essay

Custom «Top Secret America» Sample Essay

The internet is important to the security issues that affect the nation. The internet can be useful in solving various crimes that take place in the world. It provides the best mechanism of solving these problems since it has the required mechanisms that are necessary at curbing crime in America. Crime has been a negative factor towards the growth and development plans in any nation. The crimes that are made by human beings require to be curbed in America (Dienel, 2010). The government and other organizations have come up with the various techniques applicable in curbing crimes. The attempts to curb crime rate in America were not always successful, given the technology advancements. Those who commit crimes have now advanced as per the techniques that they apply in curbing crime. Regardless of the various techniques used by the law enforcers, the crime offenders have found their own advantages of the internet to better their crime techniques.

The Top Secret America is by William Arkin and Dana Priest (2010) consists of three series. The series are about investigations by the intelligent community of U.S. The focus of the series is the expansion of the intelligence in the U.S government. The first part of the series is more on the growth of the secret intelligence and the failures present in the system. These results to the growth of the intelligence communities hence increase in the level of secrecy. The large number of this community makes it quite difficult for an individual to determine the actual number of people in the community and the actual number of groups doing the similar job. The second part of the series is concerned with the internal security. It states that the government makes use of contractors to conduct intelligence roles. This made use of the internet in tracking the movements by the terrorists. There were adverse effects on the use of internet. In fact, it generated a better success as it reduced the level of security in US. The third and the final part of the series have a lot of focus on the secrets in intelligence community. These secrets are viewed as very crucial to this community. The community requires the secrecy in order to be at peace with everyone. This is crucial since lack of secrecy may lead to an increase in terrorism. This part is useful as it provides the accounts on National Security Agency as per each individual. This ensures that the individual’s records are well maintained. The relevance of this is to increase national security. 

As per the Top Secret America, the intelligence community is very complex and secretive. This enables it to achieve the success in the fight against terrorism in US. The CIA was in a position of using the satellites to track the terrorists. The satellite used by CIA was used to generate a fight against the terrorists. The intelligence community was necessary as it formulated to create a better environment with a prevailing peace. This creates peace by use of internet.

The internet plays an important role in creating networks for the terrorists in this video. The Top Secret America creates a better ground in curbing crimes. They use the networks to finance their operations, as it is inevitable to go without finances. These networks are connected online; hence, the security measures can be used to formulate the status of the terrorists (Casey, 2000). The networks can be easily hacked and provide the information to the security bodies in America. The government also encourages the internet service providers to hack the websites relating to the terrorists. This will supply important information to the security officers to help generate a better secure environment in the country. The Top Secret America uses these tactics to ensure there is full security.

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