Custom «Workplace Bullying» Sample Essay

Custom «Workplace Bullying» Sample Essay

According to its definition, workplace bullying refers to either physical or verbal abuse that is used by the authority towards its subordinates. Important characteristic of the phenomenon is its frequency of occurrence and unreasonable behavior (Safe Work Australia, 2013). The article “Workplace Bullying: Costly and Preventable” by Wiedmer (2013) presents the analysis of workplace bullying. The author depicts the consequences of violent behavior at the workplace, especially its effects on the employees’ operational efficiency. The article also explains the methods used by the aggressor as well as the ways of bullying prevention. Moreover, following the advice provided by Terry L. Wiedmer, workplace bullying can be effectively eliminated.

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In most cases, workplace bullying has negative impacts both on the victims and the organization. First of all, it should be admitted that the violence at the workplace prevents people from effective job fulfillment and causes employees’ poor performance rates. Consequently, it leads to loses for the business. Moreover, such phenomenon results in the notion of hostile work environment, which is not comfortable for the employees to perform successfully. Employees working in the unpleasant environment often suffer from low self-esteem, psychological instability, have problems with sleep, may be depressed or stay in a bad mood. Usually people do not have any motivation at stressful work that results in financial problems. Additionally, the organization, where workplace bullying takes place, may face similar difficulties. It may lose its valuabe collaborators who refuse to work in the hostile environment. The second impact of bullying is that the effectiveness of the staff will decrease because all the efforts will be directed towards fighting with violence (Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, 2011). Moreover, the situation may be even worse if one of the employees brings the case to the court. Though the legal cases are very rare, they do exist and can easily damage the reputation of the company.

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Unfortunately, nowadays workplace bullying is an extremely widespread phenomenon and can be witnessed in many organizations. Not so long ago I faced an example of workplace bullying. I needed to change my front door because it was old-fashioned and did not fit the design of the house. I contacted the organization specialized in windows and doors production and chose a nice door. The manager promised me to deliver and assemble it at the same day. I paid the money, and the manager called for a service person. The manager ordered him to make door assembling immediately. However, the employee replied that he has another four orders, which the manager also urged him to do that day. Therefore, he would be able to do my order not sooner than the next day. The manager became very furious and started shouting at the worker. Then, in order to relax the atmosphere, I replied that I did not care if my doors would be ready even in two weeks. I saw that the worker was thankful for my understanding. In my situation, the manager acted as a bullying person. He used the practice of setting impossible aims, deadlines and expectations. Besides, he was constantly overloading hiis subordinates with excessive work that did not match their abilities. At the same time, the responsibility of workers increased while their authority declined (Wiedmer, 2013).   

Thus, the problem of workplace bullying has to be eliminated in the most effective way. In order to achieve a comfortable working environment, the employees and the managers should act in agreement with each other. First of all, the act of bullying should be notified and recognized. The problem is that it is difficult to trace the fact of the workplace bullying. According to the statistics, 62 percent of the bosses do not take the problem seriously or refuse to recognize its existence at all. However, in some cases the employees are to be blamed for the spread of the maltreatment, for over 40 percent of targets do not tell anyone about bullying. Moreover, only three percent of employees bring the case to the court (Wiedmer, 2013). If the notion of bullying is admitted, the victim should write down in details every case of offensive behavior. Then, the situation needs to be discussed with the bully. Well-planned and properly organized communication may help to deal with the problem. If nothing helps, the victim should petition to the court (Ontario Safety Association for Community & Healthcare, 2009).

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As a conclusion, it may be stated that workplace bullying is a serious problem that affects both the bully and the victim. However, there are strategies to improve the situation. The key for the solution is the mutual agreement between the both sides and their genuine desire to find the common ground.

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