Custom «Gender Role» Sample Essay

Custom «Gender Role» Sample Essay

Thesis: Iraqi male domination of the women is not good

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Iraq is among the poorest performers in gender equality indices. In 2012, it was ranked 59th out of 86 chosen countries. In 2009, it had a ranking of 93 out of 102 social institutions studied. These figures are imperative of the fact that Iraq is one of the countries in the world that has higher gender disparities. Male chauvinism is rife in Iraq. That forms the basis of this discussion. In Iraq more power is given to the men than women. It is a very conservative country that has from a very long time been ruled by men (Welchman, 2007). Traditional, the male in the society are expected to take care of the family.

Discrimination begins at the family, where the man is superior to the wife. Male children are given more authority than the female children. In situations when the families have little resources, preference is given to male children in the family while the girl child is denied the resources. It is more likely for Iraqi families to take the male child to school while ignoring the female children. Boys are given more priority in inheriting family property than girls are. The male are more entitled to decision making at the family. They make the final decisions in family ssues. The woman is given little time and space in the household. The male dominion is felt in almost every aspect of life. As a result, the male harass and intimidate the female, at school; at the work place. It is important to look at the following areas so as to understand the extent of gender inequality among the Iraqis.


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Whereas 11% of Iraqi men are illiterate, about 26% of their female counterparts are female. Among the youth, more girls than boys are literate. Girls hardly go beyond primary education, while the male go well beyond primary and secondary education. However, due to heightened pressures from civil societies and female movements, the gender gaps have narrowed.

Among some of the causes of gender disparities in Iraq are the sharia laws and Muslim principles that have continually preached male dominion. The women seemed to have accepted this. A recent survey carried by UNICEF indicated that adolescent girls whose ages range from 15-19 between 2002-2009, rather justified wife beating in some circumstances. The leaders are also not helping the situation. Former Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein exempted punishment for men who killed their women in honor of their families. For a very long time men have takenn over top government and civil jobs (Lipman-Blumen, 1984)

The society is to blame for the entrenched inequalities in gender. Women are seen as the underdogs in the society. They are treated with less respect. They do not get promotions at the workplace. Iraq is known to be a war-torn country. For decades women have been used by their male counterparts as spies and suicide bombers. This is against humanitarian laws. This has seen onset of many upheavals especially among the women who protest against unfair treatments. These women are forced to wear veils so that their faces will not be seen. This is conservative and does not auger well with the contemporary society where men and women should compete favorably. There are jobs that women are not allowed to do in Iraq. These jobs include driving, military and political assignments.

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The government for example is dominated by male members. Few women are employed in public jobs. In as much as the society designates the man to be the bread winner of the family, it is important that men and women are given equal roles in the family (Lee & Ashcraft, 2005). In my view, this will help to promote equality and ensure that both the man and the woman participate equally in the bringing up of their children and maintain their homes and marriages.

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