Custom «Handicapped» Sample Essay

Custom «Handicapped» Sample Essay

The handicapped person is defined as a person who has either physical or mental problems that prevent them from having a normal life as compared to the ones who do not suffer the same problem. In fact, such condition is called disability; it damages one or several parts of the body and prevents the disabled person from executing certain activities. Therefore, they are considered by many people as useless and due to this reason should not be the part of the society. This essay discusses the effects of the general overview, and how it negatively affects the lives of the disabled people, and how it has changed during the time due to the activists who have been trying to help those individuals.

To begin with, the concept of a disabled person usually means that he or she cannot play the valuable role in the society as the normal people do, thus they are considered as a lower group due to certain disabilities. For the majority of people, the word “handicapped” is generalized; they do not normally distinguish between the handicapped and the disabled person. To be more precise, the handicapped is the one who suffers any type of mental disorder that limits his or her interaction with surroundings. Such people usually share the same physical appearance and behavior, but due to the fact that their disease is incurable, they do not live for a long time.  The ability of their brains to interact with the outer world is very limited, therefore, no matter how long they live, their behavior remains childish. On the contrary, the brain of the disabled person functions well, but they have a physical problem connected with certain body parts. Those people might have defects with their eyesight or might be completely blind. The same refers to speech, or extremities; nevertheless, their brain functionality remains stable just like in any other healthy person. Such conditions can be treated by the corresponding medication or a medical program which aims at solving this problem. As soon as the problem is solved, the disabled person gets all chances to become a normal person and to behave accordingly.

Most of the communities need to be educated to be aware of the aspect of disabled people. For some individuals, when a person suffers any physical problem they are probably referred to as handicapped. This kind of determination causes serious psychological disturbances in the disabled person. The handicapped person, as mentioned before, has irregularities in brain activity which control functioning of the whole body, but the disabled prson’s brain is healthy, therefore, they do understand their surrounding and can interact with it. The problem is about what kind of activity the disabled person has got to execute. For example, a person who has problems with correct pronunciation cannot work as an interpreter; the same goes with the person who has one leg only, or they are weak, cannot work as an athlete. The blind person or a person whose eyesight is not clear enough, does not obtain the ability to work as a vehicle driver.

For the majority of people who do not suffer such problems, the disabled people are not perceived as and vital participants in any sphere of life. Moreover, they are not physically qualified to take active part in building or improving the society and except for just being qualified as handicapped whose main activities in life are to eat and sleep; consequently, they are useless. Furthermore, people hardly understand that it is not the fault of the cripple to be defective.

About a half of the disabled suffer their disabilities since childhood, while the second half had some accidents that have caused their disabilities and might have taken place during adulthood, yet many people do not have the sufficient knowledge or social experience and awareness to understand multiple reasons that may cause this condition. The behavior of those people might not be considered fatal, but, in fact, they can possess destructive effects on the disabled as well as on other social groups.

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In most cases, media does not pay much attention to the real sufferings of the disabled. It means that they do not reveal the complete truth about such people and their sufferings when they are called handicapped. They make them feel guilty for physical disadvantages they did not want to happen. On the other hand, this media portrays them as idle people who get benefits from the governments for doing nothing.

According to Briant, Watson, and Philo (2016):

Disabled people also expressed significant anger at some of the press reporting and at the accusation linking disabled people with benefits […] there was a major issue of disabled not receiving what they need […] a great deal of people who were entitled to benefits were not receiving the level of support they required.

It shows how some media ignores the real issue connected with the disabled people which is suffering, instead it shows false incidents to draw anger and hatred toward the disabbled.

Meanwhile, the activists have been trying their best to increase the public awareness about the disabled; they wanted to explain to the public that the disabled do have rights and, on the contrary, they can serve to the community and participate in most spheres of life if they get the attention they need. Alongside with the social institutions, those activists have managed so far to change a lot of the public understanding of the disabled; they succeeded in giving the disabled a better position in the society regarding the rights and job opportunities. Today, those people have started employing to many jobs; for example, one can find shop accountants who have peculiar problems in pronunciation, yet they are able to perform the rest of operations connected with money earning and increase the shop’s income. Moreover, the government in many countries, alongside with activists groups and social organizations, have launched many financial programs to help the disabled people in life. These organizations established many medical services and hospitals that provide the disabled with corresponding care.  Installing plastic body parts for those who need them, can serve as one of the examples of such help. Nowadays, the disabled have been given the opportunity to participate in many athletic occasions where they compete with people of the same physical condition. In brief, their disability is no longer a barricade between the disabled and the normal life. “Other reasons for the change included the fact that, as one participant said, disability equality and disability rights are no longer news and the agenda has moved on. Equality is old news” (Briant et al., 61). It explains the effective efforts those activists and governments have been making, and how these efforts have turned the participation of the disabled in life into a part of the daily life of a big number of people.

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In conclusion, the generalization of the word “handicapped” among people has resulted in many serious problems; it caused a misunderstanding in the public about the difference between the handicapped and the disabled person. This misunderstanding is supported by media that do not pay attention to its duty as revealing the truth and trying to solve the problems its community suffers. Yet, certain governmental institutions and social groups have been making improvements and effective efforts to enlighten the public about the real sufferings and, at the same time, help the disabled to overtake their disabilities and become useful members of the society.

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