Custom «Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis Today» Sample Essay

Custom «Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis Today» Sample Essay

The American spirit and popular culture are ingrained in the changes involved in crossing the Atlantic Ocean as well as other oceans, as immigrants moved from their native lands to conquer the new lands. When they got there and found a wilderness in its natural form, they started to develop it into the place as it is today. Out of primitive political and economic conditions grew a nation that influences almost every country today either politically or economically. Through acceptance of diversity and embracing of immigration into and out of America, much progress has been realized especially through industrialization as America has had skilled and unskilled labor to drive progress. Advancements and expansion in technology coupled with political expansion of American ideologies abroad are defining the new frontier.

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American popular culture features sports, entertainment, politics, news, technology, fashion and clothes, and lastly, slang (Omidvar and Richards 17). There has been progress in all those areas and the Internet has greatly influenced it (Crothers 31). Apparently, the largest internet companies are located in America, namely Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, HBO and Microsoft (Crothers 31). Great rewards came in the form of high productivity through industrial progress. The next step that followed industrialization was the market expansion. To make this a success, American popular culture had to expand abroad into other countries. Therefore, many countries bought into the idea, and a lot of consumerism ensued.

Urbanization has been crucial as far as the claiming of new frontiers is concerned. Many cities and towns have come up in the past and current century (Turner 35). As a result of urbanization, access to resources such as electricity and Internet has been rapid, both of which have been influential in expansion of American popular culture (Ashby 12). The success of internet companies has een down to high levels of urbanization across the U.S. and the rest of the world. It is in urban centers that fashion, entertainment and sports activities have greatly become popular. America is a hub of all these activities and the rest of the world is following America’s lead. In terms of politics, for instance, American democracy has become a model for many countries all over the world (Crothers 75). Therefore, this is typical of the frontier spirit that founders of settlements in colonial America dreamt of.

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As America grows socially, politically and economically, various institutions and constitutional structures and modifications take center stage by providing the forces that shape the life and form of the conditions that make claiming of new frontiers possible (Barfield, Heiduk, and Welfens 75). American institutions are dynamic since they are usually adapt fast to the changes that are inherent in growing populations in America and beyond. The country is growing from all perspectives. There is a rise in representative government, the complexities of local governments have reduced, and the country has achieved manufacturing civilization in unimaginable ways. In all these areas, urbanization, commodification, industrialization, migration and immigration have converged to produce the country and society that is in place today (Barfield, Heiduk and Welfens 76).

Migration and immigration has been made easier through air travel and regulations. The same situation goes with travelling by water which means that many can now get into and out of America. The result is that a very diverse society is now accommodating more cultures that ever before (Barkan 815). Social restrictions are limited. The inclusivity of many cultures means that with globalization, many Americans now feel the need to speak other languages to feel comfortable worldwide. For instance, many schools in America now teach languages as Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish (Barkaan 1119). Apparently, this is aimed at the conquest of other parts of the world. Specifically, many working places appear in Asia, specifically China being one of those places. Civilization is no longer confined to national boundaries.

America has achieved political power mainly due to economic power it had following World War II. Many economies around the world were depleted during the war period (Turner 125). Since then, America has fought to have its people experience great liberties, and to help other countries in achieving the same. In effect, capitalism dominated over other ideologies like communism. Other successes in American culture are seen in social inclusivity with such laws as legalization of same-sex marriages (Crothers 79). The social framework is growing not just in America but all around the world. America has been able to influence other countries into changing their laws to accommodate same sex marriages. Therefore, this is indicative of America’s power and the scope of its new frontiers.

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America is home to immigrants from many countries around the world. Some are first generation immigrants while others have descended from their forefathers. The American frontier spirit is equally ingrained in each of them. The belief in free enterprise, freedom of speech and association, as well as, freedom of movement have inspired many globally. In result, innovations have come up in all areas touching on American popular culture. Sports, through such associations as the NBA, the NFL, and many more thrive mainly due to the progress experiences as a result of industrialization, urbanization, and technological development. The dependence on American technology worldwide shows that expansionism through the frontier spirit still holds to date. As long as this spirit holds, Netflix has expanded to other world markets and is not just available to those living in America and its culture has been defined and the new frontiers marked.

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