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Refining Solutions

Buy custom Refining Solutions essay

Buy custom Refining Solutions essay

Creative solutions to problems in most cases begin with initial flaws. This implies that, once faced with problems, many ideas come into mind on the possible ways of solving the problem. However, all these initial ideas in most cases are null and void, and, therefore, cannot be relied on in the long-run, since they are made out frustrations and pressures caused by the problem (Isaksen and Treffinger, 2004). Acceptance to the challenge really helps in making the generated ideas useful. Therefore, to come up with an effective solution to a given problem, the problem needs to be refined and internalized critically; then we need to generate possible solutions, evaluate their impacts, choose and implement the most effective solution and evaluate the results. It is also very important to take measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.

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For instance, once a student is encountered with a problem of early pregnancy, it is important to accept the problem first before coming up with ideas on solving it. Though, in most cases, initial flaws are developed in the mind concerning the problem. Some of these ideas will be about making abortion, committing suicide or even running away from family. Nevertheless, these will not help to fully solve the problem, these are mere thoughts which may sometimes worsen the situation. Committig suicide will not help, since the problem will not be solved (Treffinger and Isaksen, 2005). Abortion will not help too, since it can cause death or even barrenness. Running away from family may even result in further consequences such as lack of basic needs like shelter, food and clothing in addition to  psychological problems.

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However, it is of great importance to first concur with the problem, then redefine it, and generate all possible ideas of solving the problem. Some of these ideas will incorporate getting married or sharing the matter with parents. At this stage, critical investigations on the solutions are required to identify all possible impacts. Many questions need to be asked and answered such as, how parents will take up the matter, or will the child father accept his responsibility and take care of the family? After critical analysis of the possible solutions, there is a need to once again redefine the solutions to identify the most effective method. Under this stage, the procedure of implementing the solution should be developed (Isaksen and Treffinger, 2004). After refining the solution and the implementation plan, the idea can be put in actions, and afterwards, its results can be evaluated. However, contingency solution plan is quite important in case the original plan fails.

With the above mentiioned problem, the father of the child may not accept responsibility for the child and, therefore, sharing the matter with parents could be the most appropriate solution to the problem. Therefore, it is important to modestly approach the parents and ask for forgiveness as the matter has been shared to them. Parents can be of great assistance if involved in solving the problem, since they are able to support both psychologically and financially to ensure nothing goes astray and the girl attends medical clinics during pregnancy, as well safe delivery. Moreover, it is easy to convince parents to care for the new born child and allow the girl to continue with the studies comfortably, and later on be able to care for the child.

This approach seems to be the most effective since it solves the problem. This problem solving method enables the girl to continue with her studies as normal, despite a few challenges of nursing the child. However, measures should be taken to ensure that problem does not occur again (Treffinger and Isaksen, 2005). Teenagers should, therefore, be educated about premarital sex both at school and at home. In fact, where necessary, teenagers should be educated on healthy family planning methods, specifically concerning the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Students should also be taught about the consequences of premarital sex. 

Buy custom Refining Solutions essay

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