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Social Control and Criminal Deviance: Bullying

Buy custom Social Control and Criminal Deviance: Bullying essay

Buy custom Social Control and Criminal Deviance: Bullying essay

Bullying is a major problem, particularly in child development, exposing children to the risk of cyber abuse and torture. An effective research process can facilitate critical analysis of issues surrounding the bullying acts. The analysis of this matter should involve various steps. Primarily, identification of a problem is vital. It involves the formulation of a question that will guide the student. The second step involves the review process focusing on the consideration of all the surrounding issues. In addition, an obligatory inclusion of a study is crucial. Thirdly, the problem is clarified, and keywords stated. Moreover, a premeditated plan in the collection of the data is included. Lastly, collection and analysis of the data is concluded.

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Identification of the contributing factors is the most critical step in the research process. It is necessary to develop strategies to reveal why children engage in the undesirable behaviors. Understanding the factors that attract children to take part or gain interest in abusing others can help develop effective solution towards eliminating the vice in schools. Identification process should also attempt to consider the most affecting situations and thus strive to understand why particular cases are reported in certain areas. This matter owes to the fact that rapid bullying has incessantly been experienced. Bullying is a belligerence among students in all levels of education. It may include physical assault nd yelling (Hay & Meldrum, 2010).

Identification process evaluates the causes of bullying within school going process. Mostly, low self-esteem is the main cause of bullying. This is to say, the affected children start distressing the young and susceptible students. To them, that is a sense of power and respect. Another critical cause that leads to bullying is one's experience. Most bullies tend to be the victims of mockery. Since the same experiences were imposed on them, they find it appropriate to apply the same to others. In some other cases, feelings of hatred towards their victims are the driving force of the derision. Lastly, unstable families mostly produce bullies. These children tend to have witnessed their parent's fights hence become violent.

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Agents of socialization such as parents, peers, media, and school play a vital role in the development of children. Where parents’ roles are poorly played, it leads to the growth of aggressive behaviors in children. Firstly, the family is the model of learning for a kid. The key duty of parents is to guide and enforce rich values and norms in a child while young. They should fully incorporate their children with proper moral values. Unfortunately, when parents fail in this role, the outcome is promoting aggressiveness in their offspring (Hay & Meldrum, 2010).

The school is the second most important medium for a child's growth and development. Teaachers not only transfer academic knowledge to children but also give them life skills. For instance, they teach kids how to live and work under authority. Educators spend much time with children and thus have a great opportunity to understand changing behaviors among students. Playing their role, teachers can significantly facilitate molding of students’ Character and eventually make them better persons (Modecki, Minchin, Harbaugh, Guerra & Runions, 2014). Interactions in school among peers and other non-staff members are significant to a child. They help the gain enough skills to live with people amicably. However, these interactions may bring about negative impacts if children mingle with the wrong company.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that bullying extends detrimental effect, particularly to the school-going children. Bullies tend to end up abusing drugs and even engaging in sexual activities at a young age. They suffer many psychological problems affecting their ability to engage in the learning activities and hinder their positive interactions. Still, these effects can be perpetual in nature. That is to say, they even affect children once they grow up through physically abusing their partners. Some effects are too extreme, like suicide. The incorrigible disease of bullying can be curbed through parents being aware of the problem, reporting it to the necessary authorities and identifying other factors that lead to bullying and ways to solve them.

Buy custom Social Control and Criminal Deviance: Bullying essay

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