Custom «5 Myths about 5G» Sample Essay

Custom «5 Myths about 5G» Sample Essay

The article “5 Myths about 5G” by Amy Nordrum tells the readers about some of the falsehoods about 5G Internet. Thus, there are a number of questions about 5G that need to be answered.

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1. The central topic of the article is to define and debunk the most popular myths about 5G Internet. Generally, the article is a critique analysis of CTO of NTT DOCOMO Seizo Onoe’s speech about 5G. It is focused on the widely heralded wireless network that is about to be deployed. It is not so easy to define the “angle” of the article. On the one hand, the author supports Onoe’s views on the 5G network. On the other hand, the author provides her own analysis, claiming that “this is counterintuitive to anyone listening to predictions for widespread deployment of cutting-edge technologies from massive MIMO to millimeter wave, or projections for the number of base stations required to build out a small cell network” (Nordrum, 2016) and comes to the conclusion that contradicts Onoe’s statements. However, in general, we can conclude that the author is inclined to support Onoe’s views on 5G network. Thus, the article takes a more positive than a negative perspective on its topic.

2. The topic of the article is crucial to the function and development of wireless communications. No matter how the discussion about pros and cons of the 5G network goes, it is definitely the future of wireless communications. Ten years ago, there were similar discussions on the 4G deployment. Now, 4G is a commonly used technology. Thus, we have a reason to state that 5G is the evolution and the next generation of wireless technologies. In any case, the article provokes debates and provides greater resonance about 5G and tells how it will change the future of wireless network so that more and more professionals become involved in the discussion. As for the development, the topic of the article helps to understand the scope and debunk the most popular myths about 5G Internet. Regarding the function, the topic of the article allows understanding how it will function. Thus, the topic of the article allows better understanding the function and the developent of wireless communications.

3. The 5G service/technology/equipment will be beneficial to both consumers and businesses since it is the evolution of wireless communications, providing a large field for the investments and it is aimed at improving the communication services. Thus, both businesses and consumers will get benefits from the 5G service/technology/equipment.

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4. The benefit to the service/equipment/technology is that it gets a serious push to its further development. New technologies will bring people closer to each other. Businesses will get the ability to benefit from high-bandwidth, and ultra-fast wireless Internet can help them build a stronger business. It may become a turning point for the development of mobile devices and influence the development of mobile applications. For example, the fast and high-bandwidth Internet will allow the development of more complex and larger in size mobile applications that will eventually refocus the market of the mobile apps development. Using the 5G network allows more people to stay in touch. As for the consumers, they will also benefit from high-speed Internet that will allow expanding the abilities of their mobile devices. Businesses will be given the opportunity to expand their market, providing greater integration of the consumers into the market of wireless communication and mobile devices. Consumers will have a faster Internet of greater quality, which is also a great benefit. Thus, both businesses and consumers will benefit from the 5G service/technology/equipment.

5. According to the article, the possible disadvantage to the service/equipment/technology is that the industry will close itself to other innovations. The mobile data may need more spectrum dedicated to it. Moreover, 5G will require substantial investment since apparently, it cannot be deployed only on the existing infrastructure. However, it also could become a turning point for the service/equipment/technology development. Thus, the possible disadvantage to the service/equipment/technology is that the industry will close itself to other innovations.

6. The list of applications: Skyfire, Missed Call, RunKeeper, Spirit Level Plus, IncrediBooth, Kindle, Wi-Fi Finder, Tether, Diptic, OurGroceries, Nobex Radio Companion, LastPass, ZumoDrive, Jott Assistant, CrunchSMS, Vlingo, HootSuite, I Love Katamari, Bitbop, ConvertMe, Bloomberg Mobile, Bump,TomTom, Atomic Browser, Google Maps, Google Voice, Instapaper, Digital Recipe Sidekick, Smart Measure, Toddler Lock, AndroZip File Manager, Color Flashlight, Personal Assistant, Relief Central, Photo and Video Tools, Listen, TeleNav, iStockManager, XE Currency, Craigsphone, PodTrapper Podcast Manager, Plants vs. Zombies, BeejiveIM, Foursquare, Gesture Search, MapQuest, Bloomberg Mobile, BeyondPod, Mobile Checkbook, NPR News, Remember the Milk, Onion News Network, Bookmarklet, Evernote, Pandora, SmrtGuard, Utilities, Grooveshark, Google Earth, SlingPlayer Mobile, Expensify, Lose It, Thinking Space, WeatherBug, MOG, QuickLaunch, Line2,. WorldMate, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Browsers, Ookla, iTookThisOnMyPhone, CamCard, Mint, Picasa Tool Pro, AntiDroidTheft, Dolphin Browser HD, CalenGoo, CNNMoney, BlackBerry Messenger, Handcent SMS, Public Radio Tuner,WolframAlpha, Pixelpipe Post & Upload Pro, UberTwitter, 1Password, Shazam, Dropbox, Viigo, Whole Foods, BerryBuzz, BerryWeather, Barcode Scanner, Last.fm, Wifi Analyzer, AP Mobile, GTasks, Layar Reality Browser, Doodle Jump, Slacker, Thumbplay, How to Cook Everything, MLB.com, Astro File Manager.

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7. If I could change the device/service/product or technology in any way, I would create the worldwide Wi-Fi network before deploying 5G. It would allow all people on the planet to be connected anywhere on the Earth. Moreover, it would make people closer to each other, help share the information more effectively, and provide education to the people living even in the most remote parts of the world. As for the devices, I would make them smaller because they become bigger and bigger so that it is not convenient to carry them in the pocket. When it comes to functionality, I would create a simple smartphone that should offer a limited number of basic features. In my opinion, modern devices are too complicated so the average user uses maximum 50% of their capabilities. Moreover, it takes a great amount of time to sort out all their features.

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