Custom «Answers» Sample Essay

Custom «Answers» Sample Essay

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In the world of TV, radio and the Internet, we are permanently surrounded by the massive loads of absolutely different information. The Informative Spring consists of various facts and news about world events, innovations and so on. However, I have never thought about the data that takes place in our daily conversations until I watched a video of Deb Roy called “The Birth of the Word”. He showed how he collected the massive amounts of data from his personal life and also explained how it can work in the public sphere.

On the one hand, it is a truly interesting idea that gives an opportunity to remember all life events and share them with people who could not share it in the real time. I would feel like I won a supernatural power to travel in time, and it would make me happy. Enjoying good moments from the past more than once could be also a way to overcome depression because it would be possible to fly away with my thoughts to those situations when I was glad. When I feel depressed, I forget about all good moments, concentrating on my sadness. Therefore, I think that this collection would be a kind of cure. The last positive side of ths idea is the ability to spend time virtually with people who passed away. Many people would appreciate it because missing close relatives and friends who are not with us can be too painful.

Among negative sides, the first is that people might focus on the past and forget about today and tomorrow. It can already be observed in a society where people are obsessed with smart phones and tablets, and Deb Roy's idea can be even more dangerous for losing the present moment. Besides, I can tell from my own experience that there are people who start behaving themselves in a different way when they figure out that they are being recorded. I refer this fact to the negative sides as well. The last thing that should be mentioned is that some people would feel persecuted, knowing that cameras are everywhere. However, nobody forces them to install video monitoring at home. It is a question of desire and limits of the right to personal space.

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Question 2

It is hard to believe that it is possible to record our life and re-remember it with the help of technical stuff again and again. I would be glad to add such an innovation into my life though it must be expensive. I am aalways wondering how I look when I do some things from the daily routine, and such cameras at home would be an amazing chance to look at myself.

On the other hand, sometimes I can do or say something without thinking just because of lack of time. Collecting information about your own dialogues and actions can help to discover some particular qualities in behaviour. I would also be able to make some graphics and statistics about relatives who live with me, finding out more details about their emotions and words in every particular situation. It can be an intriguing psychological experiment as well. The analysis of the moments from the past must definitely change the understanding of life.

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Of course, I remember about negative sides of Deb Roy's idea. I think I could become too obsessed with these videos, so it would be perfect to install them for four or five months. As for me, the ideal period of time to install cameras is when my life will be signified by something extremely meaningful such as the birth of a child or preparation for wedding. I prefer installing cameras for a while, making conclusions, saving the results and enjoying them. The whole life with cameras does not seem comfortable for me.

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