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American Upper Classes in the Period of 1865-1900 essay

Industrialization in America brought new abundance. Old money increased while new money appeared. People were not gratified with spirituality and serene landscapes. New American art was “intended to satisfied immediate desires for beauty and sensuality” (Pohl, 2012, p. 286). The period ...

Art and Design: Museum Paper Japanese Buddhist Art essay

Standing majestic between the formal buildings of the LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits is the last structure by an architect Bruce Goff, who died during its construction. The Pavilion for Japanese Art combines futuristic ideals with the modern ones and accents mimicking ancient Japanese concepts to ...

Art of History essay

Throughout the history of art, artists turned to a variety of topics to express their ideas on canvas. One of the topics that remain the most popular until now is mythology. In every epoch, there were pictures devoted to certain mythological subjects, and, as a rule, myths of ancient Greece and ...

Behind Resonance essay

The dance under analysis “Behind Resonance” is presented by the Chinese choreographer Shen Wei, who immigrated to the United States of America in 1995, set out to turn into a spectacle maximum performance tuned, honed, dramaturgic and plastically expressive whole. His experiments on ...

Pablo Picasso and his “Guernica” essay

Numerous artists have created thousands of outstanding masterpieces against iniquity and injustice, but just few of them have been so profound and powerful that people responsible for the crimes avoid appearing next to the artwork that condemns them. Guernica created by the legendary artist of the ...

Pop Music: Pros and Cons essay

The purpose of my essay is to examine the pros and cons of pop music and its impact on people, especially teenagers. I would like to discuss people who like this type of music and who do not. In this essay I agree with Lena’s assertion that “pop is best considered as a chart, a way of ...

Reconsideration of the Baroque Music in 21st Century essay

The epoch of Baroque is one of the prominent movements of the art and culture development in Europe, which preceded Classicism. It embodied the new conceptions of unity, infinity, and diversity of the universe, its dramatic complexity and eternal changeableness. The aesthetics of this period ...
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