Custom «Virtue Ethics in Marketing» Sample Essay

Custom «Virtue Ethics in Marketing» Sample Essay

Holley’s argument regarding virtue ethics focuses on the responsibility of salespeople to the consumers. David Holley affirms that consumers have high expectations from what salespeople should offer them. Consumers should always act as consultants, which imply that salespeople should not only focus advocating for a particular product, but also rather help consumers meet their particular needs. As much as they should provide information concerning a particular product to the customers, they should also ensure that they protect the interest of consumers, not forgetting their own interest. David Holley uses numerous levels to explain how important disclosure of information to the customers is essential. Salespeople should exercise fairness to all the parties involved and salespeople who are professionals should ensure that they provide appropriate information to the customers. The amount of information they disclose should be of mutual benefit to the customers. To this end, Holley asserts, “Fairness rule is never adequate since it does not cover the disparity of information people have and the possibility of people looking for information that satisfy their own interests(295).” Salespeople should focus on using the maximum information rule that states, “A seller must provide the buyer with any information necessary for making the decision on whether or not to purchase a given product.”


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In conclusion, it is imperative for salespeople to function as advocate and ensure that they lime the advocacy in a manner that aims at fulfilling the needs of customers. This process must employ methods that take care of both parties’ interests. Deceptive advertising is prima facie inapt since it harms competitors, the social fabrics and customers. It is evident that the ethics of sales is a significant component in business. Salespeople should avoid selling goods that are harmful to the customers.

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