Custom «Sophie Scholl and the White Rose» Sample Essay

Custom «Sophie Scholl and the White Rose» Sample Essay

Scholl supported the Nazis Party, since it was already formed and had many achievements; therefore, it was easy for many students to join (Branagan, 2014). Also, the Nazis Party offered many opportunities that showed how German had improved after the destructive World War I and had offered brand new technology that was scarce in many countries of the world. Nazis also made many political changes to Germany as a country, and this had helped many students in gaining the Germany to vote for the citizens, thus gaining more support from the young people (“The Brief, Glorious Bloom of the White Rose,” 2016). It was popular for young people to join the Hitler youth, since the league was attracted with hiking, singing and the gymnastics that were popular among youths at that time. Hitler was also making sure that children received the right to have education.

How did the Nazi posters, speeches, films, and rallies strengthen young people’s enthusiasm for the Nazi Party?

The posters, speeches, films and rallies strengthen the enthusiasm of the Nazi Party in that the speeches were persuasive to all the people, including the military who found it hard to give any form of the challenge, thus strengthening the Nazi Party (Branagan, 2014). On the side of filming, the Nazi Party controlled all the film production and only allowed any film that favored the party. Thus, all the films released to the public touched on the Nazi Party, thus strengthening the party even more.


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Sophie and others started to doubt the Nazi regime after reading many leaflets of the White Rose group, which was anti-Nazi. The leaflets mainly contained the information about the bad regime of Nazi that was famous in German but it was destroying the student’s body (Branagan, 2014). The Nazi group was now more evil due to their deeds. The leaflets raised many questions about German population that was responding to these atrocities. Due to the factors raised by White Rose, it was now the time for Germans to rise and resist about the internal dissent against the tyranny of the Nazi group. Due to poor and the dictatorship of the Nazi regime, people felt that most had been misled, and now it was the time for them to work against the group.


Sophie, Hans and other classmates were involved in the resistance activities such as massive propaganda, which ensured that the activities of Nazi group were curtailed. The propaganda was used in the film industries, in all of the Nazi newspapers and posters (Branagan, 2014). Sophie and other classmates distributed many anti-Nazi leaflets, which enlightened many students about the bad regime of Nazi group. The group ensured that all of the information on leaflets and the posters reached everybody. The resistance was successful since many students were informed about the bad leadership of Nazi, which caused a lot of rift among the students. The groups were prompt to speak out since the regime had turned evil and was causing more harm to the students. Therefore, the only option was to do away with the group.

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The Nazi considered the White Rose as the enemy of the state because it was working against them. The White Rose had started publishing leaflets, which were used in enlightening the students about the evil part of the Nazi group (Branagan, 2014). The Nazi also considered the Hitler youth as the enemy of the state.


The members of the White Rose were socially deviate, since many leaflets were against the Nazi group. Being a social deviant is not always bad. Being deviant opens people’s minds on some issues, which affect them.


Students should learn the stories of the White Rose story because the movement was nonviolent and enlightened many students about protesting against bad regimes. In addition, when the students learn about the story, students will learn the importance of good leadership in colleges and universities. The White Rose stories are a reflection of the revolution in Germany, which led to liberation of many countries. After sometime, it led to abolition of bad leadership and dictatorship. Therefore, students will learn the importance of good leadership at both local and national level.

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