Custom «Legalisation of Marijuana» Sample Essay

Custom «Legalisation of Marijuana» Sample Essay

The legality of cannabis is different with respect to country and even state or province. The use of marijuana is illegal in some countries, however others have decriminalized its application, especially is the South America, the North America and Europe, even in spite of the widespread cannabis prohibition of the late 1930s. The fact is there are some countries that allow the use of marijuana, encourages the growth of this crop plant on hectares of land, and these amounts spread far and wide, even in the countries that prohibit its use (Caulkins & Kilmer, 2016). It is not denying that the drug has been misused and abused, which resulted in serious consequences. However, marijuana can also be used for medical and economic purposes, which results in medical and financial benefits. The society should not expect marijuana users and cannabis to disappear, and rather be open for the medical and economic benefits that legalisation of marijuana has to offer.

Brief History

The use of marijuana became a widespread affair in the western world because of the rise and influence of the counterculture in the late 1960s. In the late 1990s, California’s Dennis Person initiated a movement, the main goal of which was to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. It initiated the large scale use of marijuana not only under certain health conditions, but for pleasure as well, although it was still illegal. In November of 2012, the Colorado amendment 64 and the Washington initiative 502 were passed via popular initiative, it became the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes (Caulkins et al, 2012). Other states and countries, such as Australia soon followed this decision. Because of lack of unison in combating marijuana, it has spread worldwide and consequently, the society is riddled with insecurity discrimination, drug abuse, and health problems.


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Positive Impact

There are many experts, who support the idea of marijuana legalization for medicinal purposes in all the states. The main reason for this justification is the ability of this substance to deal with severe pains and effects of terminal stages of serious illnesses. It is known to increase appetite for persons with eating disorder, and can relieve pain and suffering for many clinical diseases. Thus, the medical community supports the use and legalization of this particular drug. Such position is supported by numerous tests that have been carried out in relation to the drug and its effects (Feng, 2017). A recent study found out that the use of marijuana does not have as adverse and fatal consequences as application of other narcotics, such as alcohol and tobacco. It also discovered that less 10% of cases of marijuana use were associated with abuse and misuse (Feng, 2017). Thus, thus research clearly states and provides evidence for marijuana legalization and rises a question about the requirement in its legalization.

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Marijuana should be legalized in most, if not all states and countries. The acceptance of such legislation would have numerous positive effects on economy as well (Hall & Weier, 2017). Financial benefits would be obtained by taxation of Medical grade marijuana, and thus, the government and citizens would be able to enjoy its benefits. In fact, cigarettes and alcohol alone has been able to combine a total of $33 billion alone. Marijuana could also have positive impact on the economy through the taxation system of the farmers and the sellers. It can also contribute to the economy through exportation and serving as foreign income earner.

Medical marijuana can significantly contribute to the benefit of population, if legalized. It relieves pain and suffering from a myriad of illnesses and the terminal stages of serious disorder (Hall & Weier, 2017). The drug can be valuable for people, who are suffering from the latest stages cancer and severe glaucoma. It was also reported to be effective in the treatment of epileptic seizures and management of complication in patients with HIV/AIDS. It can be applied for the treatment of nausea and side effects of chemotherapy, as well as facilitate the state of patients with Alzheimer’s and arthritis (Hall & Weier, 2017). Thus, legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes is reasonable and has both scientific and moral bases.

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Since the legalisation of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, it has brought about a number of advantages. The primary one is decrease in the incidence of marijuana arrests. Arrests on the cultivation possession and instructions have also fallen. Another aspect is that tax revenue have increased, resulting in better financial state and possibility of reasonable fund allocation. Within two years after legalisation of marijuana, the tax revenues had exceeded expectations in both of the states. Recreational marijuana generated $130 million through taxes in Colorado and $230 million for Washington. Such states as Nevada and California have noted an increase in occupation rate and income, especially through setting up marijuana nurseries. Nevada anticipated 50,000 jobs by 2024 and $1.8 billion in income (Kamin, 2015). The above figures are an indication that legalisation of marijuana has a positive impact on a number of social and economic aspects of life.

Negative Impact

Despite all the mentioned benefits and arguments in favour of marijuana legalization, primary as a medicinal drug and for economic purposes only, the issue is still facing speculations by the society. Many opponents of legalization are sceptical because of possibility of related social and legal issues. There are numerous concerns about increase in the rates of substance abuse, especially by the youth. Opponents of marijuana legalization also believe that the use of this substance as a medical drug is not a morally and ethically correct decision (Hall & Weier, 2017). It is because of scepticism about the fact that marijuana has medicinal value. Such claims are usually refuted by the national institute of health studies, who have never observed addiction among patients, who are experiencing naturally occurring pain.

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It is suggested that legalization of marijuana could also contribute to organized crime. Evidence was obtained during investigations of police, which revealed that a majority of organized crime gangs control the greater part of the outsized marijuana grow operations in the province of the British Columbia. There are traditional organized crime groups, such as Asian gangs and outlaw motorcycle gangs, as well as non-traditional groups that operate locally, nationally, and internationally (Hall & Weier, 2017). The aim of these gangs is to gather and establish protective chains that allows for large scale growth of marijuana its illegal local and international transport to regions, where the drug has not been legalized yet.

Recently, the cities of port Coquitlem and Coquitlam, have experienced an increase in crime of violence after legalization of marijuana. The cities have experienced a number of issues related to drug distribution and use. These incidents occur, when individuals happen to enter the residence, where marijuana is being grown (Kamin, 2015). The suspects tend to use weapons to assault, terrorize and torture, and in some instances, kill the residents and then, collect the marijuana plants. The groups are responsible for a number of violent crimes that occur in many countries, whether marijuana is legal or not. However, global eradication of marijuana is likely to result in reduction of crime, as everybody have legal access to it, and thus, get if from legal sources.

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Reasoned Decision

Improvement in awareness about marijuana as a medical and economic plant will reduce misunderstanding within the society about its application. This solution will ensure that the general population will have a clear understanding of the importance and the relevance of marijuana as a medicinal drug. In order to address the issue concerning degradation of society due to legalization of the drug, the best solution could be to introduce trade licenses and identity cards with both governmental and medical certification (Kamin, 2015). They would be used in all the legal purchases, leading to application of marijuana only for medicinal purposes. This solution would ensure that misuse of the drug will be complicated, and its application for non-medicinal purposes would be illegal, and punishable by law.

The creation of a national and medical database of all persons, who are certified to use the drug for medicinal purposes, by both the government and medical institutes would also be a good way of solving the issue of drug abuse (Kamin, 2015). This solution would ensure that a tracking system is implemented, and each person prescribed marijuana as a medicinal drug will be monitored. This solution would ensure that the abuse of the drug is avoided, while it would be considered and used for medicinal purposes only. Thus, the suggested solutions would be useful for both government and society, as it will ensure tracking and minimal use of marijuana. This would prevent marijuana form having the same problems, as alcohol and tobacco have caused. This will also contribute to controlled distribution and supply of marijuana, and ensure the control of law over circulation of the drug within the community.

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Legalisation of marijuana should be supported, and current laws that prohibit its use are archaic. Cannabis is a crop that, if supported by government authority, has the potential to yield the economic and medical benefits. Despite law agencies have stereotyped and classified it as a drug leading to abuse and addiction, research and patient testimonials have proved the contrary. Medicinal marijuana has been known to relieve pain, which is common for a myriad of illnesses, especially the terminal stages of cancer. In addition, legalization of marijuana for economic purposes will have positive outcomes for the economy in general. Therefore, marijuana should be legalised globally, in each country and region of the world.

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